One of Jose’s goals for ISB is to be including translanguaging alongside the 4 domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).  Until recently, I had discounted the possibility of having the children understand what translanguaging meant, let alone have a well developed concept of how I was, or could, authentically integrate the practice into my classroom.  The more I have examined my professional practice and the more times my students prove me wrong by demonstrating the depth of their understanding about translanguaging, the more excited I have become in promoting this skill within the classroom.  As part of my goal for providing resources that support the work we do in DL, particularly in relation to cross-linguistic representation and bridging, I was excited to design a logo to represent the +1 domain!  I hope that it will be used alongside our existing icons as we teaching within our classrooms and have tried to match the style but also add the individual details of our program.