Which “C” Would Benefit Me?

As I reflect on my survey, I was pretty happy with my results. At this point, I am questioning if I should consider switching my focus from “Captivate” to “Consolidate” as I did have some interesting feedback here regarding reviewing what we discussed previously and summarizing at the end of each lesson. As I really sat back and reflected, I was a bit confused by the responses to the question, “To help us remember, my teacher talks about things that we already learned”. I received a score of “low” here, but we constantly are discussing what we did the previous day, and kids are even required to recall and share their learning in all subject areas on a daily basis. Therefore, I am not entirely clear on what the students thought the question was asking them.

The other interesting response was regarding debriefing. Upon further reflection, I realized that this is definitely a hit and miss depending on the time. I have a debrief time allocated for all of my lessons, but I realized that often I do not get to this because of lack of time. Time is always an issue, but I am struggling with the fact that we do not have transition times built into our schedule between recess/lunch blocks and with specialist classes. Thus, a 45 min block is often cut down to 35-40 minutes depending on where the students are traveling from. As I am getting used to the schedule, I am realizing that I need to adjust my pacing for lessons; however, I do not feel that this is reason enough to change my goal.

While I scored “in the green” in the area of Captivate, I still feel that this goal is relevant to me at the moment, as it pushes me to look at learning tools from a variety of different resources and to really think about my delivery of my lesson; hence, I still believe that this “C” will benefit me and the students in my room.


“Spice It Up!

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When we first met with Clarissa and documented our goals, I came up with the following goal under the 7C’s Framework –Captivate,  “to effectively use appropriate technology to engage students in learning.” 

However, since our meeting, I reflected on challenges I was experiencing in my classroom, and have decided to change my goal to be more meaningful and really try to find ways to “design lessons that capture and hold my student’s attention”.  By doing so I know that technology will naturally become a part of this process, so in theory I am hoping to meet both goals.

The reason for my shift in thinking was that I quickly realized that the majority of my students are very visual; thus, I needed to find ways to make my lessons more appealing. So far I have had the opportunity to experiment with two lessons and make them (in my opinion) more engaging and more interactive.  My first attempt was by using a short video clip to evoke feeling for characters, and the second one was to try and use cute animal pictures as a way to help students experiment with different leads in writing.

My next steps will be to look at ways to differ the delivery of my Math and Inquiry lessons, as right now I feel they are all very similar and try to find ways (and time) to incorporate more spark, and add “a little spice” to my lessons.




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