In trying to support my Co-teacher, I feel that an area that i Need to consider for improvement is in the area of “Captivate”. I need to try to help the teacher captivate the student’s attention by helping make the lessons more interesting and enjoyable.
I am considering how my, “vocal inflections, movements, and mannerisms communicate my enthusiasm and contribute to capturing and holding student’s attention”.
I find that this is especially difficult if I come in during the continuation of the lesson from the previous block, or even from a previous day (especially when I might not have been present for that block). While I familiarize myself with the material through planning, and also helping teach the same materials in different classes, it is sometimes difficult to, “jump in enthusiastically”, when a lesson is already progressing.
This is the area I have in mind. I will be curious to see the results of my student surveys, although I am a bit concerned that a number of students panicked after having turned-in their surveys thinking that they were answering the questions with Ms. Ballon in mind, and not me. While the number of students was small, I am hoping that I am able to get a clear understanding of what they think of my teaching practice. In any event, I am looking forward to working through this pilot project.