In reflecting on my being more intentional I have to say that I have been noticing the difference. At first it required setting reminders on my phone to be sure that I was going to be “intentionally” enthusiastic. Now I’m not talking wide eyed jumping up-and-down, spirit team type of enthusiasm, I’m talking intentional tone, voice, language, message, and body language. Sure, I might hear a slight groan when I greet students with, “isn’t this great…Monday morning”…but It can still elicit a smile even from the grumpy. I have noticed that my enthusiasm has paid some dividends. When I am being intentionally enthusiastic, my students seems to transition to being on task faster, are more attentive at the beginning of a mini-lesson, and have more stanima as they are going about their tasks. It does seems to be true, “enthusiasm does beget enthusiasm”!