Reviewing my survey data

Looking back on my Head of School evaluation from last spring, some areas in which I seemed to perform best were…


  • Treats others with dignity and respect
  • Actively projects a positive image of ISB in the local community
  • Engages effectively with the community utilising formal processes and informal exchanges
  • Creates and role models a safe work environment committed to equality openness and trust
  • Routinely communicates ISB Mission, Vision and values to students, staff and parents

some areas in which I seemed to perform less well were…

  • Opportunities for my voice to be heard on important school decisions are enabled and valued
  • Establishes effective procedures for student behaviour and school safety
  • Systematically focuses school leaders on achieving breakthrough personalised learning initiatives
  • Builds external relationships and networks outside the school

So I will work with the Board Chair these next few weeks in order to make sure that I sustain what is working well, and put steps in place to work on those areas requiring further attention.

Help me out along the way!  All advice welcome!



Results from Head of School survey

Hi all,

Last Friday I received the results from the recent Head of School survey.  I want to share those with you.  In due course, I’ll send the comments too.  But for now just the graphs and some thoughts.  I know this is password protected, and I’m going to ask, please, that you don’t share these graphs with anyone outside of this group (for now).  I’ll find a way to do that in due course.  Thanks!

Some background…

  1. The Board of Trustees established the survey format with input from outside experts and from me.  It’s a work in progress, in my opinion.
  2. Surveys are anonymous and data handled by a third party
  3. I am measured against standards in six domains of my responsibilities, and the survey questions are derived from the standards in each domain.
  4. The response rate (41.5%) was not as high as I had hoped.  I can guess why, but it’s just a series of hypotheses.

I have yet to draw any concrete conclusions and set goals as yet, still reflecting.  Anyone want to help me?  I could use a sounding board on this.

Here are the graphs…

HoS Evaluation Survey Staff


Thanks all,





Professional Growth update

Dear all,

Here I go!  First blog.  So far so good.  Some updates for us.

  1. As you know there is no meeting this afternoon.  Too many folks absent, convicting demands etc.
  2. I suggest you take time individually, as pairs or larger group and engage with a blog or more.  Subscribe, look around, read, digest and see some examples of how folks are sharing, reflecting, setting goals etc.  Maybe write your first, second or third post.
  3. I have read the feedback from the survey.  Some really helpful ideas!  Thank you.  Here’s my responses to some of that feedback.

a)  having gone through a process to select the 7C framework and associated surveys, it is too soon to deviate from that approach.  I understand that there is some discomfort with the nature of the questions, and there is also significant input which suggest that participants are happy with the format, structure etc and have gleaned really helpful feedback from the survey results so that they can adjust goals for the remainder of the year.  Let’s remember, please that the survey is ‘tried and tested’ and the wrinkles have been ironed out in other schools; so I suggest that our wrinkles are teething issues, maybe.

b) It’s true that this approach is not as powerful for EAL teachers and Learning Support teachers (and counsellors) than it is for a homeroom teacher (in ES) or a MS or HS teacher.  We will, during the course of the rest of the year and next year, look at ways in which those colleagues can develop a similar model to solicit feedback from students.  Watch this space.

c) We are going to ask for some volunteers (only a few) to work on a student feedback system for our youngest students.  Watch this space.

d) thinking through the most comfortable way for the survey’s to be completed.  Let’s share good ideas.  In my mind’s eye, I see a…

‘OK it’s the last five minutes of class, please open your laptops and take the time to complete the survey.  Remember it’s anonymous…thank you…’

…scene, but that might be naive.  So open to suggestions, not least because it certainly has to be differentiated by age group.

4). The second round of surveys will take place after Spring Break.  Results will come in around April 24th.  We have asked for even those lowest grade levels to be translated into Chinese and Korean, so that extends now through the grade levels.  Again, the results will go straight to you to digest.

5) I applied your willingness to work with this system. I know it can be uncomfortable looking at student survey results, yet the feedback can be helpful.  I am about to launch my annual performance survey*, so we are in the same boat.  I get the nerves around it.  Hopefully by getting the data yourselves, having some time and peer help to work through it, reflect and reaffirm goals or modify them the process has meaning rather than being threatening.  For what it’s worth, I have shared with a few peers in other schools what you are doing and they are in awe and gently envious that I serve a group of teachers so willing to make themselves vulnerable, so reflective and keen to grow.  If I had a hat, it would be taken off to you.  But I don’t.  So accept it as a well-intentioned metaphor.  Please.

6) We have one more meeting as a group in the spring.  And then, we will have a gathering at my house with food and drink as a way for me Mel, Frances, Fred, principals to say thank you.  Date to be confirmed.  Don’t worry, I won’t be doing the cooking.

That’s it for now, I think.  I have blogged.  Mic dropped.






* I will post the results here when they come in!



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