Well, obviously things have certainly changed and plans have been altered for the post Chinese New Year interventions.  The plan was:

  • to do daily targetted sight word drills and intensive phonological awareness.
  • small group or one-on-one multi-sensory drills targetting sight words – 1 minute drills for fluency/accuracy.
  • small group pull-out phonological interventions + phonics works – WTW assessment goals.

The students were already identified as  those performing well below the targets for grade level expectations for both Aimsweb and the PA (only those who were scoring below 90% would provided with an additional intervention to push them beyond this level and meet end of year expectations).  The PA would be a more achievable target as these students had made considerable gains from the previous intervention and it would expected that they would continue on an upwards gain for growth.  Aimsweb would be more of a challenge as the benchmarks obviously move from Winter to Spring and so the demands were would be higher for these lowest performers.  Therefore a real focus would be on building automaticity/fluency and accuracy for sight words.


Of course all of this was a projected plan but as issues with school closure have seriously curtailed any possibility for this to happen in the way I had not planned.  The end of year gains will not be as great as projected as well the interventions have had to be severely modified and presented through a SeaSaw format which for these types of learners may not be the most appropriate.  I have attached a link for the type of online work students were expected to perform.





What has to be stressed here in this reflection is that the level of intensity can not be created in this format, a lot of it is directly up to the student, their skills, ability to self direct or on the ability for parents to manage and direct this activity.  Providing repetition and intensity is nearly impossible as the teacher is not with the students (these students need ongoing corrective feedback, support, breaking down of the skills etc difficult things to do as this is not live).  However, we work with what we can and supplimental phonics work is part of the weekly schedule and there have been provisions for one-on-one video sessions with students/parents who have been willing to take advantage of it.


Hopefully, we will be back at ISB soon and can continue with some intensive direct instruction before the final assessment window is upon us.  I would like to hope that students are able to maintain their present skill level and continue to show growth despite the unexpected setback that has happened post Chinese New Year.  Fingers crossed.