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Self-Reflection Prompt and Goal Setting

As I self assess my practice using the refection prompt, two areas emerge that could use some re-tooling and re-thinking: conferring and captivating. Specifically, feedback from students about learning activities and seeking input from students regarding how learning activities should happen (confer); and creating assignments and assessments that sustain student interest (captivate).

These three sub-strands fell under the “rarely” column and it didn’t necessarily stand out as a surprise. I say this because I feel many strategies to support students reading and writing, especially at a young age, seem repetitive and often not as engaging as I would like them to be. Also, there are specific strategies that are used and therefore I don’t usually ask students if we should do them, rather I try to engage them in a conversation that explains why it’s important.

However, I feel like this is something that I could definitely bump up into the “somewhat” column with effort and perhaps feel confident enough to claim that I have made these changes “to a large degree” the more I attempt to incorporate these goals into my daily routines and thinking.

Despite the results of the student survey, I would personally like to feel better in the conferring and captivating department when it comes to providing interventions. So my goals will include these conferring and captivating strands in addition to any additional feedback in the “needs improvement” category from the student survey.

Too many goals you say? Perhaps. Maybe the students agree with me. In any case, I’m looking forward to those results! There’s a good quote out there about the difference between self-perception and how others perceive you, but I don’t know it! Post in the comments if you got a good one… Perhaps the students will surprise me and rock my self-perception.




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