Lesson Observation

I think the best way to improve my class management is by talking to other teachers and going to their class and observe them them from teaching.

I went to Lucas’s FA class and I was taking notes of the way how he structure his lesson and how the students were being seated. I was also particular interesting in the language he used when questioning students and encouraging them to think.


Including the community

Parents community is important. To be able to manage my class better, I am not just need to focusing on consistent classroom routines and follow through if issues. It is equally important to have parents informed.

I have offered help to parents and students through email or face to face for those weaker students in my classes. I think parents  appreciate that. When students know their parents will get to know how they are doing in class. They often correct themselves pretty quickly. At the same time, if any students are doing well, I am also sharing with their parents, I will praise their children to them and encourage their children to continue with such good works.

It is also important to use the support that we have at school. I am closely in touch with other teachers, I talked to them very frequently about any students who might have raise concerns. I also share ideas and strategies with them.

It is important to talk to Maureen our Grade 6 counsellor, we talked very other day, as grade 6 students are overwhelm being at the middle school for the first time. They are quite emotional and fragile at times. it is very important to give them a lot of support by within reasons.


giving students ownership

I am trying to link my professional goal with our school mission. when I am deciding my school activities and tasks, I always get my students involved as much as possible. It really helps to attract students’ attention. They like to have their voice heard. By given my students voice, I have notice that they are growing closer to me and finding me easy to approach.


7C effective teaching-classroom management

As a new member to the middle school. The biggest challenge I am having this year so far is managing grade 6 students. This year I have many grade 6 find it overwhelming being in middle school for the first time in their life. Their timetable is different, classroom setting is different. No friends or friends are in different homerooms. There are so much happening in their life, they are just learning how to cope with all the new changes and challenges. This could lead to some mental break down for these young students.

I have chosen classroom management as one of my professional growth because what I knew about classroom management for high school students is something not quite the same here in the grade 6 classes. However, one thing is the clear to me is that the classroom norms/expectation/rules must be clear and consistent, they also must be fair and follow through. This is the same for high school and middle school. I personally believe that building a positive relationship with students are the key to effective teaching. I believe that having a strong connection is very crucial. However to be able to gain my young students’ respect, I am not just needing them to know I care about them but also able to provide a safe and good learning environment for them.

What happened that lead me wanting to focus on classroom management?

I have done some pre-tests at the beginning of the term for all of my classes. This helped me to identified students’ ability in Maths and this is also helping me to make decision on my lesson planning. I have quickly learnt that majority of my students are very capable in long division with decimals, however, some are very struggling and they couldn’t even add simple whole numbers and can’t recall the times tables. This is a huge spread of abilities across my Maths classes. Trying to have a class that can be suitable for students is a challenge. Every student has different learning needs. I was working really hard to come up with multi-tiers of materials for my classes. Just when I was thinking I am doing a great job coming up with good materials, I realised that many of these young students not knowing how to behave themselves. They are chatting and they couldn’t help themselves to argue with each other, getting out of seats, calling out answer before their turn… It was just after we have a class chat and come up with the norms. it seems to me, they kind of know what is the right thing to do to build a positive learning environment, but they were disconnected to what they said and behave in the opposite manner.

I learn that my first task is to train them to behave in the way how they said it, they need to practice it. Being respectful and self-management are the two big things I needs to make sure I get that through all of my students.


I have revisited the norms with students again, and this time we get into more detail and this time, students seem understand it better. We all signed the class norm contract.






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