Post-Survey Reflection


In reviewing my data, I have learned that I need to change my original “C” from Care to Consolidate. Even though I had often been teaching kids strategies and skills, it often (well, always) varies from student-to-student. Because of this, I will often work with one student on Executive Functioning Skills, another student on literacy skills, and maybe work with a third student on some of their core class work. Because of this, I have often forgotten about the consolidation part of teaching. My goal for this year will be focusing on consolidating, individually or in small groups, the skills we’ve learned in class that day.

The way in which I want to do this is by simply using Exit Tickets. Every class, students will post on DX what they’ve learned that day. Sometimes, it will be new skills; most times, it will simply reflect on how their work on the skills have progressed, if at all.

My three main categories will be:

  • literacy, math, and other academic skills – reflecting on what they did between the past two classes, what they’ve done on this day, and what they need to do from now until next class to continue your progress
  • executive functioning skills – be certain that they have a schedule of when they’ll work on out-of-school work, with priorities
  • core classwork – having annotated readings, summarize what we’ve gone over in 3-5 sentences

I hope that by doing this, I can consolidate the lessons we’ve learned in class better.

Care and Challenge – Care yet Challenge? or Challenge Because We Care…

I am struggling to define a single, clear goal at this point. I still feel as though I have so much to work on. I know I could work on my classroom management skills to keep things more orderly. I could work on making my pull-out classes more captivating. I could make minor improvements on conferring with the students more in creating their Indiviual Learning Plans. I could consolidate the students’ learning from their core classes better. Always, so many things to work on.

However, the two strands I definitely want to work on will be CARE and CHALLENGE. Between these two, I’m still torn between what to focus on. My reflection with my supervisor and the responses from the 1st student survey will help my clarify which to work on.

My goals, however, would be as follows:
CARE: Keep my high level of care with my students. I believe it is by far my strongest strength. I want to ensure that amid taking on greater responsiblities, my care for my students is not diminished in any way. I do not believe that improving a weakness should come at the expense of a strength. A more specific goal would be set after receiving the results from the survey.

CHALLENGE: It may come from the survey that my students feel I am showing them strong care. If this is the case, I will work on challenging my students more. In the past, we have worked on various strategies and programs, but I want to work on being more diligent and conclusive in that respect.

My plan is to refine this to a single goal after reflection with my supervisor and our first student survey results.



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