Follow Up Goal

I enjoyed having a dig through the results and while some areas pleased me, some did not. My goal initially was to focus on Consolidate as I believed that was an area of my teaching I needed to focus on. Although my survey results in this ‘C’ were positive, I have still continued to work on it. In Maths, for example, I have used my Maths Starter time to quickly review the previous day’s learning and this I believe has helped the students retain key information.

My updated goal now, however, is to focus on my Classroom Management, which is an area that surprised me and yet shouldn’t have as a few of my more interesting characters have been challenging in the classroom.  I am also heartened though that the students have seen this as it reflects well on them and their desire to learn.  Since I received the survey results I have worked on some of the strategies suggested by Tripod. For example:

  • Work with students to develop an agreement about expectations for classroom behavior, ask everyone to sign it, and post it publicly for regular reference.

This has been done and has been referred to when the class needs reminders to stay on task or to stay respectful to each other.

Now I am more familiar with ISB and how it works I have been able to work more on this strategy also:

  • Respond with logical consequences when students do not comply with agreed upon behavior expectations.

As time marches on, I will continue to work on my classroom management but also to consolidate my Consolidation!



My Personal Goal

After reading through the reflection questions for Consolidate, I feel I need to find more ways to connect my course objectives to my students’ lives.

Reflection questions for me to think about in my classroom practice are:

• Do I summarize big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically?
• Do I ask students to summarize and synthesize what they are learning?
• Do I make explicit connections between lessons?
• Do I help students to make connections within and across the curriculum?
• Do I refer to relevant current events or other meaningful applications of what students are learning to facilitate transfer f knowledge and skills?
• Do my assignments require students to build on prior learning?
• Do my assessments incorporate topics and skills from earlier lessons?

I’m really looking forward to seeing what my students share with me to see if I need to make any revisions to my goal or to create another goal.


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