Back in September I was writing about my goals and this process. And somehow, everything crashed and I lost the post. I also lost some of my motivation. This process is not easy for me as I feel like the 7C’s are not what I see as being the important thing in my classroom. Of course I care about my students, and I want them feeling safe in my classroom. But the survey is worded in such a way that I don’t believe the kids get the point.

Do my students know what they are learning and why? Can they make their thinking visible? Do they know how to deconstruct a problem and develop strategies for solving problems? Do they have a voice in the classroom? Do they receive constructive feedback? Those things are important to me. That is what I want happening in my classroom.

This year we have the opportunity to re-write the grade 10 and 9 mathematics programs. Integrating, getting away from the Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 cycle! Yes! So my goal is to create a curriculum which is meaningful for students.

One of my co-workers came into my classroom one day, and left these notes. Nicest thing I have seen in years, kind of gave me a re-boot. I’ll attach them if possible. Cause what she saw is what I want to happen all the time.