7-C’s Feedback

Well the results are as I expected. Unfortunately not a surprise.

Yeah they recognize that I challenge them and have good classroom management. I make them correct their mistakes and challenge them. But “this teacher makes me fell like she cares about me”? 4 of the 17 feel that I don.t  5 think I do. and the other 8 are neutral. Hmmm…

So other than captivate, my goal is to get the two new course I am teaching and writing plans for more interesting and captivating lessons.

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  1. Terie,
    Since we spoke, how have the strategies to raise captivation gone? Have you spoken to the students about your goal in this area and the survey responses in general?

    Don’t forget to classify your blog as Captivate: Instructions here: https://isbdragons.sharepoint.com/:b:/r/sites/hs365/Shared%20Documents/Professional%20Growth/How%20to%20Categorise%20your%20Prof.%20Growth%20Blog%20by%20Cs..pdf?csf=1&e=Us8SRg

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