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7-C’s Feedback

Well the results are as I expected. Unfortunately not a surprise.

Yeah they recognize that I challenge them and have good classroom management. I make them correct their mistakes and challenge them. But “this teacher makes me fell like she cares about me”? 4 of the 17 feel that I don.t  5 think I do. and the other 8 are neutral. Hmmm…

So other than captivate, my goal is to get the two new course I am teaching and writing plans for more interesting and captivating lessons.

Second round

Well the second round of surveys have gone out. I am assuming that this time the results will be an improvement over the first round.

The first round was given before I really knew my students and before they really knew me. I think over the last 6 months we have grown more cohesive. It also helps that some of the units we have complete since the first round have been much more real-life situation type units, making the course a little less abstract and possibly more meaningful.

We will see.


Let’s get away from the traditional mathematical linear approach and make it more captivating.

Where will I use rational expressions?

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