EAL Reporting

After consultants came to evaluate the LS and EAL program a common theme was that parents felt as though they did not receive enough communication from EAL teachers.

I believe in some ways this fits into my goal of Clarify.  Clarify is not just for students, but also all other partners.  We are working to develop what data we want to share, how we will share it, and setting guidelines and standards for how to collect this data.

Am hoping this Clarifying of goals and progress will help parents be partners in education with our students.  Some ideas of things would be, when parents know their child’s reading level, they help them select just right books.

Evaluating my Survey Results

Overall, pretty pleased with my survey results.  Very helpful to evaluate the Item Response Detail as opposed to the flowers page.

I received one unfavorable response in most categories.  Teaching young children, many of whom are EAL students, I do question the validity of the surveys to some extent.  Was the one kid mad at me for telling him to sit down and just put the negative response for all answers?  Did one student confuse the language and just put negative response for all answers without reading the questions?

Also, as an EAL teacher, while I do lead whole group instruction some of the time, the majority of my work is done in small groups or concentrated on helping students who may need a reteach or some additional help with a concept.  Thus, I also question the validity of the survey, as many questions don’t apply as directly to me as they do to the homeroom teacher.

Clarify was one of my lowest categories and it is also my goal.  I will continue to work on this.

Setting My Goal – Clarify

After reviewing my Teaching Checklist, I realized one area I could grow in as an educator is in clarifying.  Specifically, I am weak in allowing for reflection and reminding students of the teaching point at the end of a lesson.

I believe I am often weak in this in that I always want to cram as much instruction/independent work time into a lesson as possible.  However, one of my cooperating teachers does an excellent job of modeling this reflection in his lessons.  I hope to emulate this while doing both large group instruction, as well as strategy groups.

I want to remind students of the content/language objectives, and also allow them time to reflect on how well they grasped the content.  I tend to do this assessment/reflection more on my own via their independent work/the product they produce, but want to allow students the opportunity to do their own self-assessment/reflection.


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