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The goal I set for myself this term was to focus on demonstrating care in my classroom to ensure that students felt valued, welcomed, and that they had a trusted adult in my class. As predicted, this was an area of growth for me, suggested by the TriPod survey results.

When looking at the data more closely, it seems that for the majority of students, I do check in and demonstrate care, but there are definitely some outliers that need to be addressed. As a result of the data, I’ve taken special care to check in with students in the morning that don’t outwardly display their feelings regularly. I try to make sure I visit the “outliers” at least twice per week whether it’s in homeroom or in humanities, or even in the hallway between classes.

In order to develop these strategies, I asked a few other teachers what they do, spoke with some of the counselors, and researched online. I think that even a simple, quick conversation directly with a student makes a world of difference and is a completely manageable task for me to continue to do!

I think I’ve made progress over the last few months with these check-in strategies and by giving targeted feedback to students in need. I hope to see these numbers increase over the next survey!


7Cs Professional Growth Goal

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The goal I’ve decided to focus on is care. After doing the pre-goal survey, I recognize I have room for growth when it comes to demonstrating care, understanding, and sensitivity to students’ needs and moods. Middle school students have a lot of change and development and need extra support from trusted adults. Unfortunately, I find that I sometimes, particularly in the mornings before homeroom, I get wrapped up with preparing for the day, by review plans or emails, and I don’t always immediately check in on students or follow up when I notice that there is clearly something positive or negative happening in their lives.

My plan to address this is to talk to a colleague I feel consistently demonstrates care, observe their behaviour, conduct self-reflection and comparison with my own actions, and find a minimum of one strategy I can implement. I need support from counselors because I have a number of students with high needs in my class and could use some fresh strategies to apply.


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