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Reflecting on 10/23 student survey data

  • I observed that there are more Green than grey and I noticed I got a Low in classroom management: Everybody knows what they should be doing in this class.
  • The results tells me that I am a caring teacher who encourages and values students’ ideas and views; I spark and maintain student interest in learning.
  • My strengths are Confer and Captivate:
  • My areas for improvement are Clarify and Classroom Management:
  • I will work on my classroom management first to make sure my classes stay busy and does not waste time (53% neutral). Also, I will ensure everyone knows what they should be doing in the class to maintain the best learning atmosphere.

Personal Goal 2019-20

Sep. 8, 2019

I would like to focus on Captivate: to differentiate the pacing of my lessons to accommodate the varying skills levels of my students and focus on Clarify: to share clear success criteria for student work and provide specific feedback based on those criteria as my personal goal this year.


Nov. 3, 2019

Based on student survey data, I plan to work on more the following areas:


      1. When he/she is teaching us, my teacher asks us whether we understand.(20% neutral)
      2. My teacher knows when the class understands, and when we do not.(14% unfavorable, 7% neutral)

Class Management

  • “Our class stays busy and does not waste time.” (53% neutral; 47% favorable)
  • “My classmates behaves the way my teacher wants them to.” (53% neutral & 7% unfavorable; 40% favorable)

I would like to focus on Clarify : to differentiate the pacing of my lessons to accommodate the varying skills levels of my students by encouraging student/faculty contact, encouraging cooperation among students, giving prompt feedback, emphasizing time on task, and communicating high expectations. I also need to focus on Classroom Management: to create a safe and productive learning environment for all students with a firm stance on the class rules and timely communications.


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