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  • REFLECTION 2020-2021
    How time flies! I still remembered when I started to write my blog at the beginning of this semester. Now, it's time to do my self-reflection for this year. How I help and teach my students and How I develop new skills for professional development. I am focusing more on Clarify and Challenge of 7Cs this year. In Clarify: I provided COLOs for each class every day and
  • Orientation Reflection
    How might this online orientation experience impact teaching & learning in your classroom? The orientation answered many of the questions I had and helped paint a picture of the what learning looks like on the ISB campus. It also introduced concepts I'll need to understand and implement quickly (standards-based grading, 7C's, etc) which will allow me to focus more on e
  • 2020-2021 Reflection
    目标的设定: 根据第一次Tripod学生问卷的数据结果,我把我今年的个人目标定为”Create a verity of group learning activities to maintain and sparking students interested in learning.(Captivate)”。学生的学习动机是非常重要的,如果学生觉得课堂没有趣味,学习的效果也不会很好。小组活动和同伴学习会让学生充分调动主动性、参与度,能够提升学生的学习动机,所以,我决定在这一年里在学生的小组活动和同伴学习方面做一些尝试。   我的尝试 我在一年级尝试了一些小组活动,例如:1 Peer reading,我在每节课都会设计同伴朗读的环节,学生需要找一个伙伴共同朗读我们学习的课文或儿歌,学生自己可以选择和同伴合作朗读的方式,一个人先
  • Reflection 2020-2021
    Reflection 2020-2021 Teachers that Clarify  Yongpei Gao   Teachers who clarify help students understand content and resolve confusion. They explain ideas and concepts in a variety of ways, check frequently for understanding, address misconceptions, and provide useful feedback. --- Based on my professional thinking and the feedback from m
  • 2020-2021学年工作反思
      在本学年初,根据第一轮学生调查问卷的结果,我确定的个人专业发展目标是: Clarify and Confer. 当收到第二轮学生调查问卷的结果后,我对比分析了Clarify和Confer的各个分项,总结出下面一些做得较好的方面和仍需继续努力之处。   1. Clarify 为了确保学生明白每节课的学习目标,按照学校要求,我将每节课的内容目标和语言目标都清楚地写在白板上,并且在每节课开始的时候和学生们一起读目标,有必要的话也会就目标中的某些重要概念进行解释说明。在学习过程中,我会使用请学生转述、复述、两两对话、小组讨论、自我评价等方式来随时评估学生是否理解正在学习的内容。下课时,我常用“出门卡”(有时是口头、有时是课堂笔记等)的方式来检查学生这节课的学习目标是否达成,学生是否还有疑问
  • End of Year reflection 2021 June
    Areas for Growth: Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (304 to 370) Goal: Care-关爱 (338 to 354) Build relationships Show concern for students' emotional and academic well-being. Reflection: I received the end of year survey results in May 2021( The average score is the same as the first time in Jan 2021. After comparison carefully, it is fo

  • This is my trail of research. I have identified two main topics for deeper research: Forced marriage/Child marriage: Sonita was almost forced into marriage twice! Once at age 10 and again at age 16. Rap artist: Sonita is an accomplished rapper and uses her music as a way to express herself and her work as an activist  
  • Paragraph writing, from my notes about teen activism
    “An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change.” A teen activist is a young person who has found their voice and their passion. A well known teen activist is Malala Yousefzai. She was shot by a member of the Taliban because her cause is something the Taliban are opposed to: education for girls. Teen activists, in general, raise awareness about their cause
  • We Survived: School Year 2020-2021
    The only true, honest reflection I can offer is one of gratitude for making it through. This school year has been long, challenging, and left me in a fog. Apparently I had a BOY professional growth meeting but remember none of it. Most of the time I feel like a duck - attempting to appear in control on the surface whilst paddling like a mad person underneath. I don't t
  • SY 2020-21 Reflection Part 2: (Trying To Do) All The Th
    Remember those pop out of the tin snake things? Image credit: That's my mind at any given moment. To counteract this natural tendency, I have a strict regime o