How many of us are working on each C?
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    'Consolidation is a stage in a lesson where a topic or new information is enforced. It is an excellent opportunity for children to ask questions and clarify things'   This academic year has been tumultuous for our students. They are troopers, and we as teachers can only be proud of how they rode the COVID pandemic waves. There is a sense of relief now that we are
  • Day 31 SLOLC: It's Vaccination Day! for real
    The final day of this challenge is one also of new beginnings. Today, at 8:30 I hopped on my scooter and ventured off to the clinic. Big red signs were everywhere (I have pictures but the Great Firewall is not cooperating today). Shunyi Foreigners COVID-19 Vaccination Site. It wasn't something we could zoom past. We quickly parked the scooter and walked up to a line of about 16
  • Day 30 SLOLC: Butter Fingers
    "Hey Mom, I broke something today," Sage said as she gave me a hug and walked off. "Wait, what? What did she break?" My husband overheard our conversation and his ears perked up. "No worries, we'll sort it later," I said as I shoved past him. See this comment on Sage's is as common as, "Wash your hands," or, "Turn off the lights when you leave the room." There have to
  • Day 29 SLOLC: Hope
    It's vaccination day! Well, almost...sort of...kind of....possibly. We received an email saying we needed to sign up-for which one? Who knows? We know it's local and it could be one of two. We know we pretty much have to have it because the government says so. Other than's anyone's guess. Here's what we do know: on Thursday morning, we will head out to get the vaccine
  • Day 28 SLOLC: Oops
    Whelp, this it is. I missed a day. I knew it was going to happen. When I set off on this challenge, it was with high hopes; however based on past experience, I knew it probably would go down like this. See, I am terrible with dates, days-the whole idea of time has a tendency to get away from me. I popped onto the SLOLC site this am and was shocked to see that day 28 was due, no
  • Day 27 SLOLC: 2000 beats all
    Laying in bed, I knew what kind of day it was going to be before my feet hit the floor. An eerie yellow glow came in through my bedroom window...ominous...foreboding. As I walked down the stairs, I could hear the woosh, woosh of Frank's trainer. He was riding hard and fast. The girls were curled up on the couch with a book and didn't notice my approach. Our living room has v
  • Day 26 SLOLC: My Father's Habit
      I didn't see my dad much growing up and so the stories I have of him you'd think would be few. But, my dad is one of those people things happen to and everyone likes. He collects people like I collect rocks. He has the most interesting stories of all of the adventures he's had.  He always has a new hobby that usually involves dangerous chemicals and high powered explo
  • Day 25 SLOLC: Sweet Relief
    I never thought I needed one until I sat in my friend's. Instantly the pain in my hips subsided and I felt as if I could melt into the buttery leather upholstery. A co-worker calls it an old lady chair. I call it sweet relief. My ayi messaged me saying a HUGE box was sitting outside my apartment door. It was so big, it couldn't fit into the door at all. I raced home knowing
  • Day 24 SLOLC: My Fav Purple Cords
    The 1980s came and went and I can honestly say, the fashions of the time did not appeal to me greatly. I had the jelly bracelets, the scrunchies, and the T-shit holders....splatter painted everything, and neon-always neon. Early 80s to late 80s were the beginning and end to several fashion crazes. I entered into the 80s as a little girl and left as an angsty teenager, ready for
  • Day 23 SLOLC: Throne of Glass
    I'm tired. Completely and utterly tired. My husband says it's no one's fault but my own. I disagree. I'm blaming Sarah Maas. It's 100% her fault. Her fault for writing a 7-book series that average 600 pages a book. Her fault for creating a world that I find myself lost in. Her fault for expertly weaving multiple characters' stories together in a way that makes me love each and