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  • 2020-21 Goals
    Hello, I have recently spent some time looking over my Tripod survey results, and based on student feedback, I need to work on the area of consolidation. In this area, I received a score of 270, which is generally low. I scored a low response for "I learn a lot every day" and "my teacher takes time to summarize what we learn each day" (I received medium for "my teacher asks
  • Professional Goals this year
    I am still working on Consolidation and there are more materials and resources being created for my courses, most of which I have been sharing with the English 9 team, in terms of checklists and detailed rubrics that break down knowledge and skills that students need to be reflecting and self-assessing for. Examples would be: the Eng 9 rubrics for the literary essay and
  • 2021 Goal Setting
    I'm sure this reflective post is starting off just the way any true professional hopes it would- with a meme referencing the least reflective boss in the modern American television era. My official goal is connected with the Tripod 7C domain of CARE. Here's the catch with this year's goal setting: I do well at showing care and I also try really hard to do so, but due to onl
  • ISB MS Teacher Goal 2020-21
    Results:   Confer-协商 (372) Challenge-挑战性 (354) Clarify-清晰度(348) Care-关爱 (338) Captivate-抓住兴趣 (330) Consolidate-巩固(322) Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (304)   Strengths: Confer-协商 (372) Challenge-挑战性 (354)   Areas for Growth: Care-关爱 (338) Class Mgmt (304)   Goal: Care-关爱 (338) Show concern for students emotion
  • 2020-2021 Goal Setting
    Reflection on Survey This fall I surveyed my EAL pullout classes I was teaching and have just now gotten those results back. I've since switched my position from EAL support to Humanities classroom teaching, which was a relished opportunity. I am glad to be able to ensure students and language learning students especially get opportunities to see content and language objective
  • Mid Year Reflections + Semester Two Goals
    Whoa! What a semester. Many people have been checking in with me this semester and a common comment is "What a crazy year to start in an Assistant Principal role!?". Maybe? Honestly, I don't know any better and I assumed it would be busy and there would be a lot of things going on.  I don't know if it would be any busier in a regular year.  I think for some things, COV
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Multilinguals in the cont
    Last November, all language learners were formally assessed using the standardized language proficiency assessment WIDA Model. The collected data, WIDA results, in addition to other data sources, allowed EAL teachers to create ELPs, student learner profiles, including learning goals aligned to the ELD (English Language Development) WIDA standards. As I reflect on this process,
  • To Flip or Not to Flip
    I have been flipping my lessons for all three courses since the beginning of the school year. During parent-teacher conference, some parents, especially the ones who watch the lesson videos with their children, were very pleased with the model. However, some parents expressed the believes that since we are no longer teaching online and they pay a lot of tuition, they do not wan
  • Lightbox Reflection
    For our first Product Design unit, we were challenged to create a lightbox featuring the landscape of a place that's special to us - one that we couldn't visit because of COVID. For my lightbox, I chose to make a mountain landscape that reminds me of Colorado. We visit friends there almost every summer, but didn't get to this year because we didn't go home. I learned a
  • Online Reflection
    What action(s) might you take in order to prepare for online and blended learning? Tight coordination with the IP's or any teacher that will be in the room physically with the students in Beijing. Additionally, making sure that there is enough supplemental information and support of concepts especially for the students who are still outside of ISB. Considering