Reflection of Online Learning Modules


Actions to Prepare for Online Learning

There are numerous ways that I am preparing for online and blended learning for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. First, I will review the Elementary School Guides that are located in One Note. Some that I will choose to focus on include, the overview of the major changes between the Spring semester and Fall semester, collaboration, assessment guidelines and the effective use of technology. Another way I will prepare is to review the notes I took throughout the Online Learning Modules, all of the reading, articles, and viewing videos. An additional way to prepare for the school year is by attending the question and answer sessions conducted by administration, taking notes and then reviewing and processing the information with my third- grade team. I have also attended some professional development to prepare for Online and Blended learning. Since ISB will have a focus on SEL this year, I attended the IFSEL training, as well as Transforming Pedagogy to Thrive Online, Making Better Screencasts, and Personalizing Learning. Other organizational methods I will engage in before the beginning of the school year will be meeting with my team, planning one week ahead of time, and making sure that I am organized and prepared with data collection.


Online Learning Strength and Areas of Growth

There are a few areas I believe are my strengths for Online Learning and other areas of growth that I have identified. First, my strengths include the connections I have for my students. In the classroom this has always been a strength of mine, but I feel that also while my class and I have been separated since January we kept that special bond. Another example is that I taught a summer school class for two weeks over the summer of around 20 students. There were a few students I knew, but most I had never taught before. I feel that even in that short period I was able to connect with those children. Another area that I feel is a strength is the feedback I provided on the Seesaw assignments. I was able to give timely feedback, both written and verbal, to my students in a constructive and positive manner.

Some areas of growth I have for Online and Blended Learning for the 2020-2021 school year include technology and time management. Keeping up with technology and staying at the forefront of new changes and developments in software has been tricky. I need to continue my focus on concise and effective screencasts, as well as keeping the amount of time preparing to a reasonable amount. Another focus is my time management for creating screencasts and working from home with a family present.


Focus on CARE for the 2020-2021 School Year


This year I have chosen to focus on Care from the five Cs. With our current, past and future situations of the unknown, I feel that this area is most needed. My plan is to emphasize Care for my upcoming students, my family and myself. I intend to practice this by spending a great deal of time the first two weeks of school bonding and getting to know my students. Some examples include daily morning meetings that are face to face, which will be inclusive and interactive; providing videos of caring messages; consistent check-ins, sharing personal stories and photos, talking about feelings, taking things slow, and using hand signaling to ensure active listening. Caring for myself I will continue my exercise routine, getting enough sleep, scheduling built-in family time and creating a work-space that allows for a quiet area and room to work that is also visually appealing for students and myself. Lastly, I will care for my family by being present during scheduled family time, continue bedtime and nightly routines and lots of laughter and having fun together.



Professional Growth Goal

After reviewing the seven Cs, and using the rubric to see where I fall, I felt that Consolidate would be appropriate for me for this school year. Then, after reviewing the survey results from students, it confirms that this is an area of growth for me.

Within the area of Consolidate, I need to take time to summarize what we learn each day. This can be done at the end of each lesson, and then at the end of the day when we fill in our planners for each core subject. I also feel that my students need to have the word “summarize” clarified, there were many questions about that word when I administered the survey.

Another area I need to focus on is giving time to help the students remember what we have learned in class. I also need to talk more about what we have already learned. It is important to take the time for reflection at the end of lessons, then connecting it to the following lesson.


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