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I think that online and blended learning requires much more frontloading of resources and the cultivation of an organized online classroom, and I’ve tried to frontload as much as I can this summer while still being ready to mold my classroom and methods as needed.

As challenging as eLearning has been, at least we are fortunate enough to have experienced eLearning during the spring semester so we can approach this new year with practiced ideas and innovation to enhance learning. Personally in my classroom, I would like to focus on care and clarify out of the 5Cs. I think teachers should always work to show students they care; I also think that it is crucial to be clear and clarify information when online. I enjoy learning from my colleagues’ examples and feel that the more willing we are to collaborate, the greater the online experience will be for both teachers and students.

As far as my goal, I aim to start the year by focusing on flexibility; it is inevitable that the styles and methods of learning will need to change and adapt as our circumstances change and adapt, and I want to be ready for it!

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Survey Reflection

Upon receiving the results of the survey, I think it is important to focus on care. I chose my most challenging class because I thought it would expose more areas to build on, so the results were actually better than expected. Yet, they still don’t satisfy me and care as the lowest surprised me. Even though I know I care about my students deeply, the survey shows that they are only somewhat understanding/feeling that care. I do not want to be “about average” in caring (or anything for that matter, but one step at a time). So I will focus on customizing support for specific learning needs, building relationships, and being more responsive to emotional needs so all of my students feel cared about.

My survey data also indicates that most students feel challenged and that they are able to share their ideas. These are the areas with the most green. Secondary areas to build upon include captivating and clarifying. Though I still see a lot of green here, it is not as prevalent. I would like to focus on these areas and “care” going forward.

I’ve included a snapshot of “care” to show the variety of opinions on whether or not I am meeting this need for my students, and also as a way to motivate myself to see ALL dark green. 🙂

Individual Goal for 2019 – 2020

In August, I set my individual goal for this school year to develop all of the 7Cs with a particular focus on clarifying and consolidating.

Too often, my lessons do not finish on time because when my students get going (by demonstrating engagement), I find it difficult and disruptive to stop that momentum. As a result, I often skip or rush through the consolidating part of reviewing and connecting. This is an essential part of building lasting understanding, and I need to be more conscientious about my time management as well as what I prioritize.


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