I received the survey results and was excited to unpack it.  The results helped me see some of the things I do well and, more importantly, gave me insight into how I can continue to grow as an educator.



Confer (352)

Captivate (326)

Challenge (318)

Care (312)

Class Mgmt (306)


Areas for Growth:

Consolidate (278)

Clarify (272)



My initial goal was Consolidate and the data results affirm that this is an area for growth.  Another area for growth is Clarify. Looking at the results, and digging through the item response details, I was able to get a sense of specific areas within these two fields I could work on.

Actions steps I plan to take:

  •  Be more consistent with Instructional Check Questions
  •  Regularly check for understanding throughout the delivery of my lessons
  • Carve out time at the end of lessons to summarize learning by going over the COs and LOs
  • Highlight the connections between what we are learning in the various subjects/ units