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Preparing for Online/ Blended Learning

As I transition to my new role as an MS Humanities teacher, I do so with a lot of excitement.  While starting the year online isn’t an ideal start, I’m looking forward to the various possibilities online learning presents to make this as strong a start of the year as possible for my classroom community.  I look forward to leveraging the potential of online and blended learning to create learning experiences that are engaging, student-centered, and takes into account the collective interests, knowledge, and experience of my students. I believe high-quality teaching and learning can happen through an online/ blended approach and I am committed to working hard to make this a reality.

What actions might you take in order to prepare for online and blended learning?

  • Become more familiar with the tools at my disposal. I am already comfortable with Zoom and various screencasting programs, but I want to familiarize myself with other platforms like Padlet, Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, and Nearpod as I explore various ways to make online learning as strong as possible.
  • Learn tools that can maximize learning time by minimizing time spent sharing materials and resources one at a time. Through platforms like Padlet and Flipgrid, I hope to build more effective reflection practices and gather feedback to enhance my instructional practices.
  • Establish a strong, respectful, intentional classroom community right from the get-go.

Considering your previous experience with online learning, what are your instructional strengths & areas for growth?


  • Maintaining a strong classroom community
  • SEL
  • Creating captivating screencasts


Area for Growth

  • Finding a more organized way to keep track of the various tool we use during online learning
  • Giving feedback online
  • Maintaining records of student progress online
  • Making screencasts more concise

Using the 5Cs of online learning, what goals might you set for yourself in anticipation of future online instruction?

  • CARE: Check-in on students consistently.
  • CLARIFY: Give clear instructions and expectations. Anticipate potential misconceptions and think of ways to make these clearer for students.
  • CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Develop online protocols as a classroom community and begin meetings with a review of these protocols.
  • CONSOLIDATE: Be mindful of the length of screencast lessons. Be intentional about what is included.  End lessons with a summarization of what was covered.
  • CAPTIVATE: Think of more ways to keep student engagement high during online learning

How might you achieve these goals?  Who might you reach out to for support?

  • Work closely with my team to establish shared expectations and responsibilities
  • Continue researching best practices

If you had a magic wand, what might the 5Cs of online learning look like in your classroom?

  • CARE: A strong community where everyone feels known, heard, and cared for.
  • CLARIFY: An environment where students don’t hesitate to ask questions of me and of each other
  • CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Efficient use of time
  • CONSOLIDATE: Each lesson will end with a summarization of the learning objectives
  • CAPTIVATE: Engaging lessons where kids are excited to talk about their learning

Reflecting on Survey Results

I received the survey results and was excited to unpack it.  The results helped me see some of the things I do well and, more importantly, gave me insight into how I can continue to grow as an educator.



Confer (352)

Captivate (326)

Challenge (318)

Care (312)

Class Mgmt (306)


Areas for Growth:

Consolidate (278)

Clarify (272)



My initial goal was Consolidate and the data results affirm that this is an area for growth.  Another area for growth is Clarify. Looking at the results, and digging through the item response details, I was able to get a sense of specific areas within these two fields I could work on.

Actions steps I plan to take:

  •  Be more consistent with Instructional Check Questions
  •  Regularly check for understanding throughout the delivery of my lessons
  • Carve out time at the end of lessons to summarize learning by going over the COs and LOs
  • Highlight the connections between what we are learning in the various subjects/ units





My Goal for the Year

My goal for the year is Consolidate

I want to be more intentional about synthesizing and summarizing the learning that is happening in my class.  Reviewing and solidifying our lessons will help make learning more coherent and memorable for my students.


Action steps I plan to take:

  • Summarize big ideas at the end of lessons
  • Make explicit connections between lessons
  • Regularly invite students to reflect on what they have learned and how it relates to other ideas and experiences



Welcome to your Professional Learning Blog! This is a place for you to post your goals, and reflect on them throughout the year.

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    • Previous or new observation data from peers and principals
    • Student surveys (online surveys developed and aligned with 7C’s)
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