ISB’s online orientation modules have been a great way for me to learn more about the school’s teaching practices and philosophies. I can tell that ISB takes the quality of its education seriously and actively looks for ways to grow and improve. I think I am the most excited by this aspect of ISB: I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to push myself to be a better educator and learn from the amazing teachers around me.

My biggest takeaway from orientation is that ISB is a place where teacher collaboration is highly valued. Although teachers may be individually responsible for their classrooms, they still act as part of a larger team. Academic content and learning experiences are closely aligned across grade levels and grade spans, which makes our jobs as teachers more meaningful, purposeful, and organized.

There seems to be many great systems in place at ISB to support both teachers and students. I’m excited to be part of a strong professional community, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting started!