Weekly Planner and things to work on

G9 Eng – W1

The structure of the weekly planner helped me to organize my thinking. My initial thoughts are that I will use it to segregate my course projects into blocks and create 1 planner for each block of the projects. I don’t think that sticking to an 8 day cycle will be viable as there are better checkpoints built into the projects which will naturally segregate the course into roughly 8 day blocks give or take a few days.

My biggest work-on for this year is communication. I need to improve my communication with parents, students and staff.

My mind is currently on delivering these first 2 months of the course in an online blended model and beyond that I think about once I return to Beijing.

p.s this wordpress site is extremely slow and painful to use

7Cs Goal

To provide a more caring environment for my students.



I have set very high expectations in my classes and I want to maintain that but also ensure that the students are not stressed and know they are cared for.


My teacher in this class makes me feel that s/he 
really cares about me. 
My teacher seems to know if something is 
bothering me. 



I think I’m going to change my goal to Classroom Management.

That was the section I scored the worst on.  Care was actually a rather high scoring section for me.


Class Mgmt 
1. I hate the way that students behave in this class. 
(Negatively worded item ** ) 
Students in this class treat the teacher with 
3. Student behavior in this class is a problem. 
(Negatively worded item ** ) 
Student behavior in this class makes the teacher 
(Negatively worded item ** ) 
Our class stays busy and doesn't waste time. 


I think the most surprising part of this is the fact that students think they make me angry.  I don’t believe I’ve ever been angry in an engineering class (or any class for that matter).


I think all categories in the classroom management section can be upped a bit but I will focus primarily on the anger one.  I will try to show how happy I am in the classroom.  I’ll be less scary.



I was rather upset with some of the students recent project.  I was careful to word my displeasure towards them in a less ‘angry’ tone.


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