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Online Learning Planner – DX Task

I feel fairly comfortable with the idea of transitioning to online or blended learning throughout the year. Communication was great with my team and cooperating effectively provided me with more time to develop engaging and authentic lessons. If we were to do online learning again, I have a much stronger vision of how I would like to set up my classrooms, including establishing use of various websites for learning activities early on, and setting clearer initial expectations regarding online communication over both zoom and in written form.

Classroom management is a strength of mine, and Collaborate was a strength of our 7 Hums Team. I also think that I give clear instructions and task expectations in an online context. I would like to develop my record keeping of student progress and feedback received so that I can apply more targeted differentiation and personalised learning throughout online learning. I would also like to further develop the concept of Care in an online environment in the context of students who are not very responsive or engaged, as the responsibility to follow up with the student and provide further support was often passed on to counsellors. I am feeling very lucky that I will be in the classroom at the beginning of this year to build strong positive relationships amongst my students. I feel that having these relationships already developed is integral to effective online learning and to providing my students with a sense of safety and care if they return to online learning.


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