Reflecting on my 7C data!

7C Tripod Survey Result Reflection:

With this 7C Tripod survey, I feel that maybe the students at this grade level may not now how to respond to this type of survey. When I did a very short and quick self-reflection type sheet with my DL classes before Parent Teacher Conferences, I had to explain to my students how to do it and I read every question word for word. There were still some questions throughout the survey.

That is why I feel that maybe some of my students were confused about some of the questions of the Tripod Survey given to the students.

I also feel that the survey should be done in the morning time and not at 2:30pm. I think at 2:30pm, the kids are exhausted and this type of thing might be too tedious to do at the end of the day.

Overall, my 7C survey results were fairly average. I think they could definitely be better. My 7C results are posted below to see.

My two areas of growth are Clarfiy and Care! I am pretty surprised that Care is one of them but I will work on it.

Considering that Clarify is one of my goals, I will have more of a reason to focus on that now.

My strongest one was Confer but all of the were almost the same number with Clarify and Care as the lowest on my data.

I am excited to mention to the students that I saw the results and will work on the specific things that are my areas of growth. Exciting things ahead!

My 7C Goal for 2019-2020 School Year

This year my 7C goal is to clarify, clarify, clarify! I want to be able to check for understanding quickly and quietly as part of some my lessons. This will require me to plan more exit tickets and check-ins throughout my units. Because I am now a Dual Language teacher, I see more now the importance of weekly check ins. It is a lot to be accountable for 41 students and 2 sets of classes! But if I organize well, I can do it.

My goal is to get organized about the check ins and have one or two forms to look off of. When I mean forms, I mean excel or word documents that will help me see all of my students’ understanding. It also makes it easier during reporting time because you know exactly where most of your students are and can put that information in.

Clarify as a 7C goal this year is equally about me as it is about my 41 students. It is to clarify my understanding of my students’ understanding!


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