Preparing for Online Learning 2020-2021


In EY3, we will be focusing on online learning for the first week of school. Ling and I completed the Weekly Planner together, as we plan our DL learning together. We will work and plan closely with my wonderful Instructional Partner and our Teacher Assistants. 

I chose Care and Classroom management to reflect upon for online learning.  As we begin our year and particularly during these unique times, we will intentionally focus on the social emotional piece, relationships and connections, and to establish developmentally appropriate routines and joyful  learning experiences which allow our EY children to feel safe, confident and successful. 

Ling and I also discussed the importance of building effective partnerships with our parents/guardians as we work alongside our EY children. It is through their support and understanding of developmentally appropriate practice that will make this online experience successful and enjoyable. 

Care  I establish care by: 

-Having face-to-face Zoom time daily with our new families. Reflecting on last year’s experience, this was the piece that supported student engagement and connections. It is also the area I personally enjoy the most – wonderful relationships and interaction minus the hugs and holding hands🙁. 

Utilizing friendly hand puppet that we can use each time we meet during morning meetings, greetingsand for role modeling and answering questions about social-emotional learning. 

-Having the students have their own soft toys present for comfort and confidence. 

-We will highlight the feelings and emotions, colors, and counting that the children can connect to during the first week, loosely basing our storytelling and literacy around these themes. 

-We have new team members this year who are excited to collaborate with and we welcome fresh ideas and expertise in our play and social constructivist approach to learning and EY.

Classroom Management- 

Since we are beginning online and will continue to use an online environment during Partnered Instruction, we will start to establish the Norms for Online Meetings that are adapted to suit our EY families. Please see below. I will continue to develop my online classroom management skills by using the guidelines as a base and seeking feedback from my fellow teachers and colleagues 

Our Planner will be modified after further team meetings during the first week. 

Here’s to a great year ahead and getting back to ISB as soon as possible!



Individual Goal – 2019

In completing the reflection process, I found I need to focus on Clarification. Two goals were highlighted : 

To use a variety of methods and media to present and explain content and concepts. 

To generate multiple explanations in advance for potentially tricky concepts. 

In discussion with my dual language partner, Ling we discovered that we had similar strengths in relationships and creativity. However, one major challenge I face with working with early years learners is looking for clarification when language is very limited. Ling and I also share similar personal goals related to our roles as dual language teachers. We would like to be intentional in consistently reflecting on our students needs and interests through common planning, co-teaching and bridging lessons to give balance to our Chinese- English student population. 


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