Reflection in Preparation for Online Learning.

  • What action(s) might you take in order to prepare for online and blended learning? 

When preparing for online learning, I think it is important to continue to look at research and see what is working for my colleagues and teaching partner. I have also found some useful resources on Twitter and FB that other teachers have created. 

  • Considering your previous experience with online learning, what are your instructional strengths & areas for growth? 

One of my strengths for online learning is that I consider language learners. When planning and designing online lessons, I ensured I unpacked the vocabulary in the content and learning objectives. When creating screencasts, I used the camera function so my students could see my face and body language. 

An area for growth is facilitating engaging online discussions and managing break out rooms. 

  • Using the 5Cs of online learning, what goals might you set for yourself in anticipation of future online instruction? 

I think ‘captivate’ is a goal that I will work on next year. As mentioned above, an area for growth is facilitating engaging online discussions and managing break out rooms. I want to include resources that encourage more in-depth conversations and peer feedback. 

To achieve this goal, I plan to explore Flipgrid and the tools available in Teams, the class blog, and any other resources that are available in China. The students will need lots of practice in this area, so I will also provide time and feedback for my students to ensure they develop the skills needed to engage in quality online discussions. 

  • How might you achieve these goals? Who might you reach out to for support? 

I am very aware that this will take time. I will keep in touch with colleagues to see what they are using and working for them. As mentioned above, I will also use Twitter and FB. 

  • If you had a magic wand, what might the 5Cs of online learning look like in your classroom? 

Communication is key. I hope to create meaningful relationships with my students when distance learning. I believe if students feel valued and cared for, then everything else will fall into place. 



Reflection with my students

I finally got around to reviewing the results with my students. I explained to them how we always review their data and create goals, so I must do it too. One of my students was quick to point out questions he answered that pushed my results to red ‘I did that Ms Nunan but I didn’t understand what the question meant’, so sweet. I explained to the students we will create goals together to ensure I can improve in areas I need to.

Survey Reflection

I was happy with the results of the survey. This is my first year teaching in Grade 3 and I was nervous. I knew and was hoping that I would score high in the care category as that is something I really value and take great pride in. I will facilitate a morning meeting around children finding classwork captivating to understand their opinion regarding this area. I had chosen clarity as my area of focus and the results have given me clear directions. I think I may share the results with my students and ask for their opinion regarding how we can move forward


The strand I am choosing based on my results from the questionnaire is, clarify. I feel a do a good job at this, however, with the move to G3, I want to ensure I am explaining the concept clearly and develop a bank of strategies to help and challenge my students. I am also keen to try out techniques that I could not do at a very high level in KG. For example, we are currently unpacking the student checklist for narrative writing. The aim of this is to ensure students know and understand what is expected of them when writing a narrative text.


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