REFLECTION 2020-2021

How time flies! I still remembered when I started to write my blog at the beginning of this semester. Now, it’s time to do my self-reflection for this year. How I help and teach my students and How I develop new skills for professional development.

I am focusing more on Clarify and Challenge of 7Cs this year.

In Clarify:

  • I provided COLOs for each class every day and explained daily COLOs to students specifically.
  • I have provided various ways and instruction to help students to understand the content, explain ideas and concepts, and I also check students’ understandings and feedback by different strategies. Such as gestures, worksheets, and peer checking.
  • There are multiple formative assessments for my students in the class, which include four language skills.
  • During eLearning and DAA, I also provide most of the lessons which convey clear and appropriate learning targets. I have designed those lessons which are based on the UbD goals and school standards.
  • After checking students’ understanding and learning, I will re-explain and re-teach for students who need extra help.

In Challenge:

  • I have made lots of efforts to improve my teaching strategies to challenge students this year.
  • I could ask higher-level questions to expand students’ thinking and make students to response those questions and share them with peers.
  • I have used visible thinking methods to encourage students to think higher. There are anchor charts and visible thinking signs are shown in my classroom, and there are lots of visuals and short videos for students to see and think.
  • I have done differentiation in every class for different levels and needs students. I have provided multiple avenues for students to show they understand a concept or daily COLOS.
  • After teaching, I could use the feedback from worksheets, observation, and assessments to recognize students’ strengths and learn what they need to do to continue working on their areas of growth.

A piece of good news to share with you all is that I have finished my teaching credential for Elementary school homeroom teacher. I really learned so many teaching philosophies, skills, and strategies from this learning process.

Embrace The 2020-2021 School Year

I still clearly remembered my feelings when I was informed to start online learning for students this February. I felt excited and concerned all at the same time thinking  about how to plan online lessons and how to give feedback to students. In the past few months, I worked closely with my teaching team and department members about how to provide effective online learning for our students. Luckily, this experience has allowed me to develop clear thoughts and understanding about online teaching and learning.

During the summer break, I reflected on our successes from the past few months online learning experience , and I also attended some PD training for online learning.

5Cs framework helped guide my last school year teaching. I focused more on CARE during the online learning experience. To embrace the 2020-2021 school year, I will also set my goals based on on-line learning 5Cs framework. I will focus on Clarify.

When it’s face to face teaching and learning, it’s easier to see and check students’ understanding: they show gestures to express yes, uncertainty or when they complete a question and answer which they share with their partners. It is a challenge to check for understanding effectively when online. I plan to rethink how to best address this issue moving forward.

No matter if we are offering online learning or face to face learning, I will provide good scaffolding to ensure students’ understand and will continue to plan lessons with differentiation. I also will keep learning and using strategies to explain ideas and concepts in a variety of ways, check frequently for understanding, address misconceptions, and provide useful feedback.

Change is constant! However, if we all continue to work together we will turns this difficult situation into a positive learning experience.



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