Planning for Online Learning

I have been attending conferences and webinars to prepare for the online learning this school year. It is helpful for me to listen to and learn from educators from America, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions regarding pedagogies, strategies, and technologies that they found useful, efficient and inspiring in the online learning environment. I feel it is essential for me to know what technology tools are available when I need them and how to create an engaging and safe online environment so that learning can happen. As a new hire, I appreciate that ISB put together a series of trainings. Not only that I learned ISB’s mission, curriculum, instruction and assessments, I am also able to experience the online platforms that students will soon be using to begin their school year in grade 3. With the help of Lilian, Allison and other team members, I got the chance to preview grade 3 and dual language curriculums before summer and have time to prepare ahead. I have also registered all the professional development sessions that ISB recently provided. I look forward to learning more, collaborating with my team, and starting online with my students.

Considering the complexity of opening online learning for 4 days and then transferring back to campus, my partner Kelly and I have decided to meet on Zoom to plan ahead together. I view this as an opportunity for us to collaborate and build a sense of community among our students. I would very much like to start the first day with all students and my partner Kelly together through Zoom, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know all the kids in grade 3 dual language classes no matter where they are at the moment. I also feel that it will foster a caring learning environment and help any new students feel welcomed and involved.

I am sure that Care is the priory for all teachers this year. SEL is a big part of teaching and learning. In the first 2 weeks, I will focus on planning purposefully to build relationships with my students, cultivate a caring environment where students feel safe to learn from and support each other. In order to do so, I will increase the live sessions with students, share my face and voice, and provide opportunities for them to connect and collaborate. I will also utilize opportunities to conduct activities that include family members, so that parents are actively involved.

Below is a Weekly Online Learning Planner for Math Module 1. The planner is designed to increase face to face time with students and build community as a class in order to support students in SEL. There is also build-in time at the end of Zoom lessons and quick surveys using Poll feature to provide an additional layer of Care.

Reflection – Online Orientation

What was your biggest ah-ha moment during this online orientation experience?

Probably because I will be teaching in the elementary school, I think I had my biggest ah-ha moment when reading over the Curriculum Flipbook. After going over a few sections in the book, I had a much more thorough understanding of the agreements and beliefs that are shared among staffs, as well as the guidelines on instructions and student supports. Throughout the online orientation experience, I am impressed by the rigorous curriculum, student support system, educational equity, various choices of learning tools/platform that ISB provides and holds beliefs in.


How might this online orientation experience impact teaching & learning in your classroom?

I appreciate the opportunity to have an online learning experience as a student. It gives me an opportunity to play with a wide variety of educational technology tools and platforms we have access in ISB. Some of them I am familiar with or have used in my lessons, but some are not. While utilizing those tools/platforms to complete the assignments, I was able to dive deeper into the blended learning approach in ISB.

In the mean time, we are introduced to a rich content of existing resources, that support teaching and learning. I learned how to use Eduplanet21 unit planer to locate UbD unit plans and assessments; where to ask for help whether from the ICT Helpdesk, the EdTech and Design assistants, or Ed Tech/STEAM facilitators and coaches; etc. The whole learning session makes me feel one step closer to start in the fall.

Last but not least, I get to know the colleagues that I will be working with, hopefully in person sooner than later. I look forward to collaborate with you in ISB!!!


What are you most excited about for your upcoming ISB/China adventure?

It will be getting to know the students and meeting colleagues. I am also excited to implement blended learning and integrate service learning into my lessons. I look forward to grow as an educator in ISB and contribute to the community.


How might your experiences & beliefs align with ISB’s?

I find myself resonate with ISB’s Mission and Vision, belief in collaborative work, blended learning approach, embedded service learning for students to take an active role in global citizenship, equitable access to learning for all, academically rigorous, balanced and personalized learning, and all other aspects which support nurturing the whole child intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.


Thank you ISB for putting together such a wonderful learning journey!!!

Areas of Strength and Growth

  • Areas of Strength

Care – One of the things that I believe which matters the most to my students is if their teacher simple cares about them. I think it is important to deliberately send a message to each student – “Your success and well-being matter to me.” At the beginning of each school year, one of my focus is to create a positive relationship with my students. I believe this is the fundamental component of teaching and learning. I want students to understand that everything I do is for their interests and I encourage them to talk to me if anything comes up or when they needs help.

Classroom Management – Students in my class are aware of the expectations and everyday’s learning routine. When I provide instructions, I will provide both verbal and visual prompts, so that students clearly understand what to do next.

  • Areas of Growth

Classroom Management – This is my first year teaching dual language class in ISB. Although I listed classroom management as one of my strength, but I expect there will areas to improve.

Captivate – As a new teacher in dual language program, I want to focus on providing lessons, which are relevant to each student and hold interests to everyone. I choose to grow on Captivate, because I think with the uncertainty of online or on-site teaching in the coming school year, it is important for me to prepare lessons that challenge students in the same time hold high interests of each student. To do this, I am planning to provide various of tools, both digital and low-tech, in order to engage all students in learning. I also want to design lessons that can be connected to students’ everyday life. For example, when teaching math, I can highlight the big idea that math is everywhere.

Reflection on Professional Growth Model

My previous school district uses Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching to assess teachers’ professional growth. Each year, my observations were conducted twice – informal and formal by an administrator.

So it is quite different from the professional growth model here at ISB if we are looking at where the point of views come from. With the Tripod’s 7Cs framework, the evaluation comes from students instead of adult obervation. But, when comparing the components in both framework, I found the approaches of effective teaching are rather similar to each other.

I am excited to see the 1st survey from my students in the coming school year. I like that the Tripod surveys for students to use are anonymous. It helps to provide authentic data. I also like the ideas that there is a time period provided for teachers to adjust teaching methods or professional goals to better serve students’ needs before the 2nd survey. I look forward to use the professional growth model in ISB to help me to more strategically and effectively improve my teaching.


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