Reflection on New Hire Online Orientation

1. What was your biggest ah-ha moment during this online orientation experience?

Firstly, I am very impressed with this online orientation course. I can not even begin to imagine how much work behind the scenes went into creating this orientation course for New Hires. While I was going through this course, I was imagining being introduced to all this information and all these different platforms over a few days if we were face-to-face together in Beijing, and I honestly thing, it has been a much more valuable experience having done it online at our own pace. I would even go to say, that in future years to come, it might be beneficial to continue introducing new hires to this information this way, so they can take their time over the summer to familiarize themselves with all the platforms.

I thoroughly appreciated the easy-to-follow, scaffolded instructions provided to us New Hires to help us become familiar with the different platforms. Even though growing up, I went to school with a 1-1 laptop program, the platforms ISB use are very different to what I have used in the past, so I appreciate the patience taken when introducing us to these platforms 🙂

One of my biggest Ah-ha moments would have to be Seesaw’s community activities feature. Having used Seesaw over the past two years, I realise now, we were only skimming the surface of what Seesaw has to offer.


2. How might this online orientation experience impact teaching & learning in your classroom?

I feel that after this online orientation experience, I have the tools and knowledge I need to use these platforms and have a strong start to my first year at ISB. I was able to visualise exactly where and how I would use the different platforms I have been introduced to, in my PE classes at ISB.


3. What are you most excited about for your upcoming ISB/China adventure?

I am excited to get to know my department better, to get to meet new people at ISB, form new connections and friendships, learn more about the PE curriculum at ISB, spread the Dragon Spirit, and motivate ISB students to keep spreading the Dragon Spirit.

I am excited to finally get to Beijing (I was meant to visit Beijing for a school trip in Grade 5 – that got cancelled due to SARS; I was meant to visit Beijing and visit the ISB campus in March, that got cancelled because of COVID; New Hires were meant to be in Beijing by August 1 – we all know what happened there!!) So I am extremely excited to finally one day actually make it to Beijing and explore everything Beijing and China has to offer. Living in Hong Kong, I have been to China a few times for cricket tournaments, but I have not properly visited China, and I can not wait to learn more about the culture and the history.


4. How might your experiences & beliefs align with ISB’s?

One of the reasons I was so attracted to applying for a job at ISB is because I felt a huge connection in my beliefs and values and those of ISB’s. I appreciate how committed ISB is to making sure everyone in their community feels safe, cared for and supported.


Finally, thank you so much to everyone who has put in so much time and effort into creating this online orientation course for us, New Hires. It has been extremely beneficial, and I feel extremely prepared to hit the ground running as soon as school starts, virtually or face-to-face! I can’t wait to meet everyone in Beijing, hopefully sometime soon! 🙂

7Cs Reflection – My Strengths and Areas of Growth

One of my biggest strengths I would say is CARE. I think building a strong rapport with my students can not be deemed important enough. Spending sufficient time at the start of the year to build the foundations of those relationships with my students where they feel safe, where they can trust me, and where they feel like I view them each as an individual in my care is a top priority of mine. Only once a student feels they can trust you, only then will they enjoy learning and feel like challenging themselves in order to reach new potentials.

CAPTIVATING students, especially elementary level students in Physical Education is usually pretty easy, as at that age they love coming to PE. However, there are always a number of students that do not enjoy being active, therefore it is imperative that our activities align with our students’ interests and that student voice and choice is at the core. Going back on what I mentioned in the “Care” section, giving students a voice and giving them choice in lessons and activities helps them realise their teacher cares about them, and that they have a safe space where they can voice their ideas.

An area I have been working on, and I want to continue to grow in is CONSOLIDATION. I want my students to be able to apply what they learn in other subjects in PE as well. PE is a subject where students are able to practice skills learnt in other subject areas such as Math, Science, Literacy, among others. This past year, I have been working on planning alongside classroom teachers, so that the skills we are asking students to practice from other subject areas are timely with what they are learning in the classroom.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT in PE is always of utmost importance, because in our subject, if classroom management is lacking, it could become a safety issue very quickly. Therefore, classroom management is something I take extremely seriously, and something I am continuously working on. Different strategies work with different groups of students, therefore I look at classroom management as a toolbox, and I am continuously looking to add to my toolbox.

Reflection on ISB’s Professional Growth Model

Beginning to understand more about ISB’s Professional Growth Model really excites me, especially now that I have begun to understand more about ISB’s mission, vision and values. Through the Professional Growth Model at ISB, it is evident that ISB invests a lot of time and resources into making sure their teachers’ professional and growth needs are well taken care of; and that they are committed to providing a very high quality of teaching and learning.

In the ISB vision, there is an emphasis on empowerment. This runs through the Professional Growth Model by allowing each teacher to set their own goals. It is comforting to see that what ISB wants for their students, they also want for their teachers. What better way for teachers to be able to plan lessons for their students incorporating the mission, vision and values than when the teachers themselves are living and breathing them.

My experience prior to ISB was a performance appraisal system, where teachers were assessed on a rubric, and their score at the end of the year was directly related to a pay increase or decrease, or in some cases non-renewal of contract. There was only one rubric, which was used for classroom teachers, PE teachers, Art teachers, Science teachers, learning specialists, coaches, everyone. This meant that everyone was rated on the same set of scales which therefore meant what we really did in our lessons were not always reflected in our scores. From what I have learned so far about ISB’s Professional Growth Model it seems that there is a lot more flexibility, and therefore allows each teacher and individual to reflect and grow in a way that is best suited for them and their role at the school.

Having only taught at one school prior to ISB, I am extremely excited to see how much I grow with the Professional Growth Model, and see how I progress towards my potential.

Something I am wondering about the Professional Growth Model is, if it is just as effective with the online teaching and learning model, and if there have been any adjustments, or additions to the model because of the online teaching and learning model.




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