7Cs Reflection – My Strengths and Areas of Growth

One of my biggest strengths I would say is CARE. I think building a strong rapport with my students can not be deemed important enough. Spending sufficient time at the start of the year to build the foundations of those relationships with my students where they feel safe, where they can trust me, and where they feel like I view them each as an individual in my care is a top priority of mine. Only once a student feels they can trust you, only then will they enjoy learning and feel like challenging themselves in order to reach new potentials.

CAPTIVATING¬†students, especially elementary level students in Physical Education is usually pretty easy, as at that age they love coming to PE. However, there are always a number of students that do not enjoy being active, therefore it is imperative that our activities align with our students’ interests and that student voice and choice is at the core. Going back on what I mentioned in the “Care” section, giving students a voice and giving them choice in lessons and activities helps them realise their teacher cares about them, and that they have a safe space where they can voice their ideas.

An area I have been working on, and I want to continue to grow in is CONSOLIDATION. I want my students to be able to apply what they learn in other subjects in PE as well. PE is a subject where students are able to practice skills learnt in other subject areas such as Math, Science, Literacy, among others. This past year, I have been working on planning alongside classroom teachers, so that the skills we are asking students to practice from other subject areas are timely with what they are learning in the classroom.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT in PE is always of utmost importance, because in our subject, if classroom management is lacking, it could become a safety issue very quickly. Therefore, classroom management is something I take extremely seriously, and something I am continuously working on. Different strategies work with different groups of students, therefore I look at classroom management as a toolbox, and I am continuously looking to add to my toolbox.

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  1. CSayson

    Hi, Ishi. As you wrote, trust is essential when building and nurturing relationships with students. If a child knows that their teacher cares about them and believes in them, they will make an effort and take those risks because they are in a safe environment. Then we can see them flourish.

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