Beginning to understand more about ISB’s Professional Growth Model really excites me, especially now that I have begun to understand more about ISB’s mission, vision and values. Through the Professional Growth Model at ISB, it is evident that ISB invests a lot of time and resources into making sure their teachers’ professional and growth needs are well taken care of; and that they are committed to providing a very high quality of teaching and learning.

In the ISB vision, there is an emphasis on empowerment. This runs through the Professional Growth Model by allowing each teacher to set their own goals. It is comforting to see that what ISB wants for their students, they also want for their teachers. What better way for teachers to be able to plan lessons for their students incorporating the mission, vision and values than when the teachers themselves are living and breathing them.

My experience prior to ISB was a performance appraisal system, where teachers were assessed on a rubric, and their score at the end of the year was directly related to a pay increase or decrease, or in some cases non-renewal of contract. There was only one rubric, which was used for classroom teachers, PE teachers, Art teachers, Science teachers, learning specialists, coaches, everyone. This meant that everyone was rated on the same set of scales which therefore meant what we really did in our lessons were not always reflected in our scores. From what I have learned so far about ISB’s Professional Growth Model it seems that there is a lot more flexibility, and therefore allows each teacher and individual to reflect and grow in a way that is best suited for them and their role at the school.

Having only taught at one school prior to ISB, I am extremely excited to see how much I grow with the Professional Growth Model, and see how I progress towards my potential.

Something I am wondering about the Professional Growth Model is, if it is just as effective with the online teaching and learning model, and if there have been any adjustments, or additions to the model because of the online teaching and learning model.