Breathe, be flexible, care

Right now, I’m still in Melbourne and I don’t know when I’ll get to be back in Beijing, or back to my ‘old’ job as the Experiential and Service Learning Coordinator.  If I think too much about this, the panic rises up a little and I have to remind myself to BREATHE.

In the coming weeks and maybe months, I’ll be called upon to substitute online for teachers who are transitioning back to China/Beijing.  Knowing and carefully going through everything in this unit is so important to help me to be FLEXIBLE at this time.  I didn’t have to teach online last semester, and although I did a lot of work with students and teachers, I don’t feel as confident with the online learning tools and spaces as perhaps everyone else is – so I’m sure I’ll be coming back to this module over and over again as I try my best to work with teachers.  I really want to make sure I can do a good job for everyone as I do this.  The experience of returning to China will not be necessarily that easy and my goal is to be able to be a substitute teacher that doesn’t need a whole lot of work on behalf of the regular teacher to get me ready to deliver it!  Things should be stress-free for the real teacher in this situation so that they feel that at least something is taken off their plate as they travel back.  That’s my goal.

It’s a really good chance to learn a lot more about the tools people use in their classrooms and I’m also excited to interact with students some more (every chance I got to do this last semester was very enjoyable and affirming!).  I think the C I would most be going for is CARE, as both the teacher I’m subbing for and also the students in their class might find these times of transition challenging – especially if the moment in time when I’m subbing coincides with something such as a major IB assessment due date or … something else.


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