2020-2021 Online Learning Planner


  • Considering your previous experience with online learning, what are your instructional strengths & areas for growth?

With my experience from last school year, an area of strength is collaboration. The G9 and Psychology teams work quite well together. We plan lessons together and have common assessments to ensure equity in our subject group. With the high levels of collaboration we are able to captivate our students with engaging lessons, another area of strength. Area of growth is care. In these tough and unusual times, it will be more important for each teacher to be able to not only identify students at risk but also ways to effectively reach and help those students. In this online learning environment, clarity is something that seems always fleeting. It is something that will always be a work in progress.

  • Using the 5Cs of online learning, what goals might you set for yourself in anticipation of future online instruction?

Care. This will be an area of increased focus. As we progressed through online learning last year, a few students fell through the cracks. As an educator, any time a student is faltering there is a feeling of disappointment. Online learning can be a very difficult and stressful time and it is important we are kind and understanding. Deadlines will not always be met, for a multitude of reasons and we have to understand that. The holistic approach to student development should be our focus and if student mental and emotional health is faltering, we should prioritize that.

In order to work on care, I will spend more time in the beginning of the school year to build rapport and establish norms, as well as essential agreements. I will endeavor to make every student feel comfortable and looked after. I will endeavor to make every student feel safe in the online learning environment. I will endeavor to make every student feel confident week to week about online learning. Lastly, I will endeavor to also look after myself. When I am at my best, my students will get the best out of me.

  • How might you achieve these goals? Who might you reach out to for support?

To achieve these goals, I will consult Brian Germain for help and tips on using technology platforms. I will collaborate with our counseling department to better identify at risk students and utilize inclusion activities from our IFSEL training. I will also be a risk taker. There will be online learning platforms I am not familiar with. I will give them a try, especially if they help me better reach my students and make them more comfortable in class.

Jeff Idigo (Cycle planner)

Goal setting #2

The round of student surveys are in. I was a bit anxious about how the students would view me as a teacher. School is a few months old now and the students have more information on me as a teacher and a person. I have spent the last few weeks getting to know my students better and building relationships.

The results of the survey came and my area in most need of growth is care. The positive side is this is the same area of growth I identified for myself. I had already been thinking of different ways I can grow in this area as an educator. Some ways to grow in this area are to develop a process where I check in with students once a cycle. This will give me a chance to know the students on a deeper and more personal level and demonstrate I care about more than just their academics. Another way to grow in this area is to attend more of student extra curricular activities. Several of my students are heavily involved in a plethora of activities ranging from Rugby to Thespians to MUN. I need to do a better job of involving myself in these activities to give students an opportunity to see me outside of the classroom setting. This should reinforce to students that I care about their total well being and want to see them develop holistically not just academically.

I will begin implementing some of these practices as soon as possible. As a supervisor to MUN, I will accompany several of our students to Singapore for a week for THIMUN, the flagship MUN conference in Singapore in a few weeks. This will present an opportunity for myself and students to see each other in a different light. I believe this will be the building block to growing in this area as an educator. I want my students to know I care about them beyond academics and want students to know I am rooting for them in all areas of their life. I hope to see a positive development in this area as I continue to strive to have a positive lasting impression on all my students.

Goal setting

As I begin to think about and reflect on this early academic year, the 7C’s are the forefront of my thoughts. After initially reading through the 7C’s, I was confident that I would perform well on each of them and would receive high scores in the event I am rated by myself, my administrators or my students. In completing the pre-survey reflection, my scores surprised me a bit. I have always thought of myself as a teacher who cares about his students and puts their well-being at the forefront of my classroom.

Upon completing the survey and analyzing the results, the area that is in need of the most growth is the area of Care. I have to admit, it was somewhat upsetting. According to my results I need to provide more opportunities for students to talk about issues not related to class and customize support based on their individual learning needs.

These areas will be my focus in the next coming weeks. I am also waiting for the results of the first round of student surveys to gauge how they view me and my teaching as well. With the data from their survey, I ought to have a clearer goal of the different areas of growth I need to pay attention to for this academic year


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