My goals for this school year are items which I have reflected on over the course of my career.  I have always enjoyed student-led conferences because I love to hear the children talk knowledgeably about what they have studied or created during the school year.  It is my desire to incorporate some kind of reflection or student-involved discussion about their learning more than once a year and hopefully, more often; this leads me to my goals this year.


  • I would like to focus on the first couple of minutes of the lesson in order to target prior learning.
  •  I would also like to review/reflect directly on each lesson or each day’s learning and to transition this (if needed) into a weekly reflection of learning. Initially, I foresee students turning to talk, but this could become more formal with a Seesaw post or a journal entry on a weekly basis.
  • Working on my management within each lesson.  Small routines which will add to the overall learning time.

I believe these will help my students to better speak or write about what they are learning.   I have realized while observing their SLC’s throughout the years,  the topics that they are able to speak to are the what they have learned. To give them the opportunity to do so more often will help them immensely.