I’m constantly late these days. It’s not my usual practice, although my husband might tell you otherwise. Finding my groove these past few months has been tricky. Moving to a new country is hard work. My efforts are focused on the work of building a new home for my family and finding my way in a new school. On the home front, I have been late in the mornings, trying to figure out my new morning routine. I can’t consistently nail down the exact minutes required to properly wake up before actually getting out of bed, open the third floor curtains, take a shower, get dressed, and head downstairs. Do I wake up the girls on my way down or do I come back to do this after my coffee? I still can’t get the timing right to choose one option over the other. It is wasted energy each day as I revisit the dilemma.

In a similar nature, I am late to choose my professional learning goal for the 19-20 school year. I can’t decide which area of librarianship to focus on: reading or research? Unlike the rest of the teaching faculty, the four librarians are not working with the 7Cs. Because of the unique responsibilities in addition to teaching, we opted to work with this framework. I plan to focus on the Leader domain, which contains these strands:

•Serves as teacher leader
•Takes a global view of the community
Leverages the holistic view of the community to create (learning) opportunities
•Demonstrates commitment and knowledge
•Builds relationships and partnerships

We are still playing with these strands; the un-bulleted one is meant to take the place of the second bullet, and we have some word-smithing yet to do. Regardless, I intend to focus on the last bullet: Builds relationships and partnerships. In future posts, I will elaborate on how I plan to approach this important work.