1. What do teen activists do?
      • “An activist is a person who campaigns for some kind of social change.” (https://everygirlhastherighttolearn.weebly.com/what-is-teen-activism.html)
      • some activists have been shot for their cause (Malala)
      • activists like Malala try to change how girls access education
      • some teen activists like Malala have raised millions of dollars
      • some teen activists like Sonita Alizadeh get an education in another country, then plan to return to their home country so they can make changes for others
    • What challenges might they have?
      • there are adults who might get in the way and try to stop them (like the Taliban tried to stop Malala)
      • some of the actions activists take are illegal (example: Sonita Alizadeh sang in public in Iran – ILLEGAL!)
  2. Name a teen activist.
      • Sonita Alizadeh: fighting against forced marriage in Afghanistan (and later in Iran)
      • she was almost forced into marriage at 10 and again at 16
    • What cause or issue is this teen interested in?
      • ending child marriages – forcing children into marriages when they are too young and it is against their will
    • What activist work does this teen do?
      • she shares the dark, painful side of child brides in Iran and around the world
      • she tries to inspire other women to fight against the tradition of child brides
      • she left Iran to attend school in the US on a full scholarship
        • she was helped by an NGO in Iran
    • How does this work help make change and/or make the world better?
      • she is getting an education in law in the US
        • she will move back to Iran and use her law degree to make changes for other young girls/women
      • Brave and Bold: a new rap Sonita sings
      • she wants to raise up girls and women who are being brave and bold and inspire others to be brave and bold

Very good video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFhfrLRRSd8