My experiences of eLearning


I followed the normal Chinese schedule to ‘Meet’ students from Monday, Feb 3. It’s a little bit hard but it was productive.

My sharing as below:

* A letter to students, also CC parents by Email before the first lesson, I mentioned eLearning, Chinese schedule; and attached e-copy materials.

*Set task on DX, leave my phone number on DX, and then students set a class WeChat group. We followed some rules for it.

*Use the WeChat group for teaching. There is an updated attendance to show them. Students in other time zones or asked leaves could catch the lesson with the recording and submit their assignments to reflect what they have learned.

I have tried the Zoom lesson since Feb 6 with expert students’ help. The group discussion and real interaction between teachers and students made learning more effective. Quarter 3 assessment carried out smoothly during Elearning.

The Covid-19 is spreading all over the world.  I realized that it is important to keep a strong relationship with students and make them communicate with each other beyond their learning. I will try my best to work on it.



When I heard three students in Grade 6 felt their eyesight is not so good as before during two months of eLearning, I discussed with them how to protect eyesight, and gave them five suggestions (DX on April 1, ා / classroom / 85289 / newsfeed).  Students started to reduce the time of using mobile phones and laptops timely.

For CLL students, they could read Chinese as following on DX:



How to protect your eyesight?


2)Zoom 时戴耳机,和屏幕保持距离:不讨论、不看老师share的页面时只听不看屏幕;