Confer-协商 (372)

Challenge-挑战性 (354)


Care-关爱 (338)

Captivate-抓住兴趣 (330)


Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (304)



Confer-协商 (372)

Challenge-挑战性 (354)


Areas for Growth:

Care-关爱 (338)

Class Mgmt (304)



Care-关爱 (338)

Show concern for students emotional and academic well-being.

Build relationships



I received the survey results and was excited to see my great improvement in many areas, such as ‘Confer’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Clarify‘.  The results helped me see some of the things I do well and, more importantly, gave me insight into how I can continue to grow as an educator.

Compared with last year, the result of my classroom management has decreased from 334 to 304. Some of the students who participated in the survey were grade 7 students I had taught last year. Therefore, I think I should make more efforts in this aspect.


My initial goal was ‘Care’,which is the goal of the school-wide

I think ‘care’ connected with classroom management. I should focus on building relationships with students.

Looking at the results, and digging through the item response details, I was able to get a sense of specific areas within these two fields I could work on.

Actions steps I plan to take:

  • Actively to develop a positive relationship with all students
  • Be courteous, respectful, and fair with all students
  • to show sincere interest in students’ lives.
  • Pay attention to students as individuals.