Areas for Growth:
Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (304 to 370)
Care-关爱 (338 to 354)
Build relationships
Show concern for students’ emotional and academic well-being.

I received the end of year survey results in May 2021(
The average score is the same as the first time in Jan 2021. After comparison carefully, it is found that I have improved in two areas, Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (from 304 to 370) and Care-关爱 (from 338 to 354) but the scores of other parts have decreased a little bit.

Looking back on this academic year, I feel that I have benefited from 7C’s guidance and put the effort in some aspects, such as greeting each student before every lesson; to encourage students with learning difficulties, I have seen students’ progress with my effort, such as EX, HF in Grade 7. I have concerned for students’ emotions and help them to overcome the hard time, such as SP.

However, I realized that I should have more aware of others’ feelings. I should deal with students’ inappropriate behavior effectively, instead of verbal reminders again and again when coming back to campus from e-Learning, which influenced other students’ learning in the class.

Thanks Grace for the class visits and gave me some advice which helped me and the students’ learning a lot.

My action for CLL6 as following:

Step 1 Class discussion
Students in the group wrote WWW (What went well) and EBI (Even better if), about Chinese class, including Mr. Li

Step 2 Students reflected on one thing that they should improve, shared it and wrote it on the card.

Step 3 Discussed with Fred, the Counselor, and western teachers.


Step 4 Five keywords about class management and posted to the class.
Respectful (尊重); Positive (正面); Engaged(参与); Organized(条理); Efficient (高效)


Students voted their table setting plan and draw lots to decide seats, which greatly improves their concentration and efficiency on learning.

Students with Inappropriate behavior should be sent to the office immediately (Thanks Grace and Fred).

I will continue to take these two as my goal next year so that students can learn in a warm and orderly environment.