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End of Year reflection 2021 June

Areas for Growth:
Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (304 to 370)
Care-关爱 (338 to 354)
Build relationships
Show concern for students’ emotional and academic well-being.

I received the end of year survey results in May 2021(
The average score is the same as the first time in Jan 2021. After comparison carefully, it is found that I have improved in two areas, Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (from 304 to 370) and Care-关爱 (from 338 to 354) but the scores of other parts have decreased a little bit.

Looking back on this academic year, I feel that I have benefited from 7C’s guidance and put the effort in some aspects, such as greeting each student before every lesson; to encourage students with learning difficulties, I have seen students’ progress with my effort, such as EX, HF in Grade 7. I have concerned for students’ emotions and help them to overcome the hard time, such as SP.

However, I realized that I should have more aware of others’ feelings. I should deal with students’ inappropriate behavior effectively, instead of verbal reminders again and again when coming back to campus from e-Learning, which influenced other students’ learning in the class.

Thanks Grace for the class visits and gave me some advice which helped me and the students’ learning a lot.

My action for CLL6 as following:

Step 1 Class discussion
Students in the group wrote WWW (What went well) and EBI (Even better if), about Chinese class, including Mr. Li

Step 2 Students reflected on one thing that they should improve, shared it and wrote it on the card.

Step 3 Discussed with Fred, the Counselor, and western teachers.


Step 4 Five keywords about class management and posted to the class.
Respectful (尊重); Positive (正面); Engaged(参与); Organized(条理); Efficient (高效)


Students voted their table setting plan and draw lots to decide seats, which greatly improves their concentration and efficiency on learning.

Students with Inappropriate behavior should be sent to the office immediately (Thanks Grace and Fred).

I will continue to take these two as my goal next year so that students can learn in a warm and orderly environment.


ISB MS Teacher Goal 2020-21



Confer-协商 (372)

Challenge-挑战性 (354)


Care-关爱 (338)

Captivate-抓住兴趣 (330)


Class Mgmt-课堂管理 (304)



Confer-协商 (372)

Challenge-挑战性 (354)


Areas for Growth:

Care-关爱 (338)

Class Mgmt (304)



Care-关爱 (338)

Show concern for students emotional and academic well-being.

Build relationships



I received the survey results and was excited to see my great improvement in many areas, such as ‘Confer’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Clarify‘.  The results helped me see some of the things I do well and, more importantly, gave me insight into how I can continue to grow as an educator.

Compared with last year, the result of my classroom management has decreased from 334 to 304. Some of the students who participated in the survey were grade 7 students I had taught last year. Therefore, I think I should make more efforts in this aspect.


My initial goal was ‘Care’,which is the goal of the school-wide

I think ‘care’ connected with classroom management. I should focus on building relationships with students.

Looking at the results, and digging through the item response details, I was able to get a sense of specific areas within these two fields I could work on.

Actions steps I plan to take:

  • Actively to develop a positive relationship with all students
  • Be courteous, respectful, and fair with all students
  • to show sincere interest in students’ lives.
  • Pay attention to students as individuals.



Online Learning Planner for 2020-2021



  • What action(s) might you take in order to prepare for online and blended learning? 

To follow Updated DX unit design to organized teaching resources

To communicate with students consistently and make sure what they have learned.

To learn and share with colleagues.

To learn from online resources in other ways.


  • Considering your previous experience with online learning, what are your instructional strengths & areas for growth? 

Considering my previous experience with online learning, I think “Feedback” is most of my instructional strengths, and also “care”.

I always mark the students’ homework, assignments, and assessment papers timely and make the whole class feedback and individual guidance. I did a lot of individual feedback and make sure the students know how to improve. I encourage them to continue with confidence.

In the aspect of “care”, I have made great progress and improvement. I think that students’ emotions are the key factors for their learning. Therefore, I always try to listen and know about them outside the Chinese classroom and show my interest and patience to them.


*Areas for growth: Screencasts/Digital Learning

To learn more strategies from colleagues, PD, students to serve the coming Blended Learning.


  • Using the 5Cs of online learning, what goals might you set for yourself in anticipation of future online instruction?

The 5Cs of online learning:

Captivate: How do I spark and maintain student interest in learning?

Care: How can I show concern for students’ emotional and academic well-being?

Collaborate: How can I work together positively and productive with my colleagues to ensure equity for students?

Clarify: How can I help students understand the content and resolve confusion?

eClassroom Management: How can I create an eLearning environment that is orderly and fosters respect among students?


I will set’ Collaborate’ as the goal for myself in anticipation of future online instruction.

Because of uncertain factors, the cooperation between students has become more challenging than before. I hope that both classroom teaching and off-site could cooperate in many ways.


  • How might you achieve these goals? Who might you reach out to for support? 

Provide consistency in learning goals.

Ensure high-quality learning for all.

Share the workload.

Share out great Lesson ideas and resources.

Encourage students to collaborate and connect with each other.


  • If you had a magic wand, what might the 5Cs of online learning look like in your classroom? 

To start a joyful learning journey in a warm and caring environment!


Reflecting on 1st Survey Results 2019-2020

*Goal setting

To compare the statement on ‘Reflection Prompt’,I tracked every aspect of my teaching. I consider setting the ‘classroom management’ as my goal, especially when I read the last two


 “Our class will remain orderly, on task, and respectful, with learning as our first priority.”

*I respond appropriately and consistently when students treat me or each other disrespectfully.

*I respond appropriately and consistently when students ignore or disobey what I have asked them to do.

Why I choose these two parts?

Sometimes, when students treat others, including me disrespectfully, it’s hard for me to keep calm. Could I find an appropriate way to face and deal with a certain situation? Do I need to point out and stop the students’ bad behavior immediately?If the students’ words are very rude from the perspective of Chinese culture, I will stop and to educate them. As a Chinese teacher, is this necessary in an international school? Am I a little strict? What would western teachers think and will they do in this situation? It is a little challenging for me.

*Reflecting on Survey Results

I teach five Chinese classes this academic year, and I decided to choose the class with the largest number of students for the survey so that I might get a diversity of data for reference. 22 students finished the1st Student Survey on Oct 17, 2019.

I’m not sure whether the students’ results are about my Chinese class, because only foreign languages and others are available for them to choose in the subject options.  As to individual learning prediction, students didn’t know how to choose the grade from C-A, because there are four-strand in MS, such as’ Beginning, Approaching, Meeting and Mastering’. They felt a little confused and just follow the  ‘Administration Script’ that I read at first from the Teacher Administration Guide.

The survey’s results come to me on October 30 with this link( I shared general information with my students and also the parts I need to clarify, such as:=

I think this process is more interesting. Students try to explain to me why there is no contradiction between one and two.

*Personal Goal

The survey’s results reflected my goal setting on Classroom management as well!

  1. Student behavior in this class makes the teacher angry. (Level: High)

this is a strength area for you.

I don’t think I am an easily angry person, but I always point out and stop students’ inappropriate behaviors seriously and directly. Maybe that’s why the result of “angry” comes from in this part.

“Angry” could make others feel emotional, instead of focusing on what the teacher emphasizes. Therefore, how to calm myself and deal with students’ Inappropriate behavior smoothly will be an aspect I would like to face. As a teacher, an adult, I hope I am a joyful, warm and kind person consistently and to be a model for students.

*Decision & Opportunities

I plan to observe some western teachers’ lessons, especially focusing on the relationship between teachers and students, although I’m not sure if I have an opportunity to see how a teacher deals with students’ inappropriate behavior in class.

I also plan to attend some PDs to help me improve interaction with students in certain situations.

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