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A whole different start to the year ahead! 20-21 here we go!

I write this blog having already had 2 weeks of blended learning and my big take way from it so far is how to care for my students both personally and in an educational sense providing them with rich and engaging experiences. I am finding that it is crucial to take time to get to know each child and their particular experiences. This has meant a great deal of face to face time, both as a class, small group and individually. This certainly takes a great deal of time but I know that investing time now will reap so many rewards as the class grows and slowly meets back on campus at ISB.

As a class, I am finding that 16 of my students are already on campus and I only have 3 Dragon’s Abroad. This does present challenges as they are in Asia, Iowa and Belgium respectively so its hard to get them together and create a group where they have shared experiences and can get to know each other.

I know that I have to work on engagement – online learning, even live, is a challenge for them and I can see that their attentions often dips. Fortunately for me I will be back in class one day after writing this blog and this is one area that I will be working on for many weeks to come – I feel for those teachers that ae stuck overseas for much longer periods of time. Fortunately there is a lot of technology to help me – Flipgrid, Quizlets, Kahoots. I know that last year during online learning providing the students with opportunities to personalize their learning – passion projects and choice boards worked well – I intend to incorporate these as well

Part of my approach to engagement will be SEL and community building and getting the students to interact in these sessions and in small groups. I feel providing opportunities for connections will have a large impact on the class. Connections with each other and with Dragons Abroad and with me and their other teachers.

I know that once I am back in the classroom I will have time restraints and with the current schedule there are few opportunities to ‘break’ unless its Dragon Day. I will need to carve time out to continue to be reflective and change practices as needed. I feel that finding time to chat with my colleagues will support this as collectively we bring a wealth of knowledge/ideas and experiences to each other. Collaboration as always will be the key.



Take a minute (or 2)…

I have already set a really good goal for me and one I believe that will really support the students in their learning this year too. My survey showed a different path perhaps but I am confident that those areas I can work on in the class and I already have strategies that I can use to support this. Excited to keep focused on this year’s growth goal and get stuck into Carl Anderson’s webinar!

Goals, targets …Conferring

So as a teacher new to the Tripod 7C’s I have found them useful if a little broad, the review questions helped focus me and having taken another look at my goal, I feel it would be a good idea to narrow it down otherwise I fear that with everything else going on, it might get lost in the ether (no idea if I spelt that last word correctly and darned if I have the time to check!) Anyways my general goal was conferring and I want to focus it down to conferring with individuals during writer’s workshop time, developing conferring questions and comments to support upleveling of first drafts and supporting the students to identify and achieve their own next steps.

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