My goal = slow down. 

In a place so full of activity, it might be weird (and perhaps a bit bold) for this to be my professional growth goal. Add in the fact that I’m a new teacher at ISB, and this just sounds unattainable.

Here’s my thinking: I often feel that I get caught up in the cycle of working/planning/grading that I miss the most crucial aspect of teaching – working with kids. I spend hours planning cool activities and labs, but I rarely ask students what they thought of it. I sometimes move on from lessons and topics because I feel the stress of time. I want students to take ownership over their own learning, but I don’t provide opportunities for them to decide how learning activities should happen.

So that’s my goal this year – to slow down, work collaboratively with my students, and design a learning experience together that we can all be proud of. 


Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why?   

Confer: I give students opportunities to share their thoughts about how learning activities should happen. I seek feedback from my students about the effectiveness of my learning activities.


Captivate: try to make my lessons relevant to students’ lives and the world outside of school. I create assignments/assessments that sustain students’ interest.