Adjusting & Clarifying My Goals

At the beginning of this school year, I decided to focus on “Confer” and “Captivate”. After taking some time to review my students’ survey results, I decided to focus mostly on “Confer” and to also keep “Consolidate” in mind.

Here are some action steps I’ve identified to help me progress towards this goal.

  1. Build a buffer time/Q&A session in lessons. One of the biggest barriers I find in my ability to confer/consolidate with students is time. I’m hoping to try and build in 10 minutes to my lessons to allow students to ask questions.
  2. Continue to use formative check in quizzes with students. I do this the beginning of most of my classes. Students decide if they are ready to try a short formative quiz or if they want to use that time to ask questions/get clarification.
  3. Student feedback at each quarter. Have students share some changes they would like to see, things that they want to keep, ideas they have for activities/lessons.
  4. Individual student conferences. In addition to quick check-ins after formative quizzes, I would like to do individual student conferences once per semester.


  1. Patrick Hurworth

    Hi Janice – super thorough and appreciated. Really clear use of the data and making yourself open to students’ ideas. Did you get to the point of haring the results with the students? Thanks for engaging.

    • Anonymous

      I did! Students found it really interesting, especially the one result I (proudly) shared about how they rated our classroom environment. Although it’s always a bit nerve-racking to share the results of a personal survey like this, I think it did effectively model that we are all here to learn/grow/be open to new ways of doing things.

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