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Adjusting & Clarifying My Goals

At the beginning of this school year, I decided to focus on “Confer” and “Captivate”. After taking some time to review my students’ survey results, I decided to focus mostly on “Confer” and to also keep “Consolidate” in mind.

Here are some action steps I’ve identified to help me progress towards this goal.

  1. Build a buffer time/Q&A session in lessons. One of the biggest barriers I find in my ability to confer/consolidate with students is time. I’m hoping to try and build in 10 minutes to my lessons to allow students to ask questions.
  2. Continue to use formative check in quizzes with students. I do this the beginning of most of my classes. Students decide if they are ready to try a short formative quiz or if they want to use that time to ask questions/get clarification.
  3. Student feedback at each quarter. Have students share some changes they would like to see, things that they want to keep, ideas they have for activities/lessons.
  4. Individual student conferences. In addition to quick check-ins after formative quizzes, I would like to do individual student conferences once per semester.

My Goals For This Year

My goal = slow down. 

In a place so full of activity, it might be weird (and perhaps a bit bold) for this to be my professional growth goal. Add in the fact that I’m a new teacher at ISB, and this just sounds unattainable.

Here’s my thinking: I often feel that I get caught up in the cycle of working/planning/grading that I miss the most crucial aspect of teaching – working with kids. I spend hours planning cool activities and labs, but I rarely ask students what they thought of it. I sometimes move on from lessons and topics because I feel the stress of time. I want students to take ownership over their own learning, but I don’t provide opportunities for them to decide how learning activities should happen.

So that’s my goal this year – to slow down, work collaboratively with my students, and design a learning experience together that we can all be proud of. 


Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why?   

Confer: I give students opportunities to share their thoughts about how learning activities should happen. I seek feedback from my students about the effectiveness of my learning activities.


Captivate: try to make my lessons relevant to students’ lives and the world outside of school. I create assignments/assessments that sustain students’ interest.

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