Online learning planner – Week 1 EY3KB

Here is my online learning weekly planner – Week 1 EY3KB

Since I am new to ISB, I will just put it out there – I have A LOT to learn.  I know this will take me some time, but I am confident that I will learn the ropes quickly, as I have really supportive colleagues.  The biggest challenge thus far has been to find the time to complete everything.  I also know, that the quicker I learn the different ways in which we do our admin at ISB, the quicker I will get more organized and allocate my time more wisely.

When completing this online planner, there was a lot of collaboration between myself and my colleagues in EY3, including my TF, Cindy Curtis.  We all knew that this year would be a very different start than any other year, but I feel that completing last year online, gave us some useful experience and a bit of a foundation on which to build to start this year.  There is a lot that I have learned last year, when it came to online learning and keeping the learning interactive.  It is certainly a mind-shift and one needs to really think creatively how to get our children active while learning.  I do feel like this also gave parents a greater insight on what we mean when we say we ‘learn through play’.  By posting videos or photo activities on Seesaw, they got to see how we intend for the learning to happen at home – getting children moving and having fun while learning.

An example of such an activity is when reviewing shapes we have learned.  Place some shapes on one end of the room in a hoop and other shapes in a hoop about 4 meters apart.  Now, ask students to collect a shape from the other side, all the while moving in a certain way:  i.e. skip to the other side and find the circle.  Now put it on your tummy and move like a crab to bring it to the other side.

For future online (and in person) instruction, I will strive to keep my lessons captivating by making sure it engages every one in the class.  It is important that I remember that not all learners learn in the same way and as such, I need to vary my way of instruction.  It is also vital that I continually make sure the children are challenge in an attainable way.  Classroom management is an area in which I will always feel like I can grow and I hope to do more personal development in this area.  This year, I will also rely more on my TA to ensure there is enough clarification to enhance understanding.

Knowing that I am now in a school where there is a culture of collaboration, I am looking forward to learning from my colleagues and sharing best practices to enhance my teaching.  There is always something to be learned from others and by presuming positive intentions, I will strive to remain in a professional dialogue with my colleagues.  I feel that there is a supportive atmosphere at ISB and this makes one feel even more willing to go the extra mile.

I am excited to be a part of this team and look forward to working alongside positive people, planning for intentional, joyful learning experiences.

Online induction reflection

This was probably the most comprehensive induction I have ever been a part of.  It was a lot to take in, but I was so grateful for the time we were given to go through all the modules in our own time.  It allowed for us to digest the material and we got to play around with the different platforms that ISB uses.

I am really excited about our values and I fully support learning based on those values.

I realize that I have a lot to learn, but seeing all the structures that are in place, also makes me more driven to become good at the admin side of my job.  The sooner I can get into the swing of things, the better organized my teaching will be.  The guidelines we have received from the modules makes it clear that everything has a place and I think this also lends itself to a greater proficiency as a community of teachers.

The downside of having a lot of time to complete the modules is that I cannot recall everything that was covered in the modules.  I do, however, feel that I will be able to use what I have learned when the opportunity arises (based on learning from a particular module).  A major bonus is that the school could really give through a lot of information (which could have been overwhelming, had it been covered in a week).

One thing that I would have liked to be included is a video from a teacher who is in the same year as me, going through what a typical day would look like.  I think it would help us feel less in the dark about the actual teaching environment and give us an idea of what we can expect.  This could also lead to other questions that we might have regarding what we have seen.  Sending photos or videos about the space we will be in, will also help us envision ourselves in the environment.  This adds to our excitement, but will also give us a sense of belonging when we are actually in the space.

The online induction modules are a great way to introduce a new employee to the school and I would recommend ISB to do it the same way for future newbies.

7 C’s Reflection

This is the first time that I have heard about Tripod’s 7 C’s framework.  However, it excites me that such a model exists!  I feel that it is comprehensive enough to make sure that all areas are covered, yet kept simple enough to ensure that it is easily understood.

Going through the document, I was made aware of some areas in which I feel I am stronger in.  Those were specifically:  care, confer, captivate, consolidate and classroom management.  That being said, I feel like I need to grow more in the following areas:  confer, clarify, challenge and classroom management.

I highly value building relationships with the children in my classroom, as well as with their parents.  When children feel loved and accepted, I believe they are more willing to learn and be challenged.  By bringing music into the classroom (whether that be through singing songs or incorporating musical instruments) I feel like the children are captivated in their learning.

I definitely feel like I need to work more on my Chinese.  This will help me to clarify what I would like the children to learn.  Also, I would love to give the children more opportunities to clarify what they have learned.

Classroom management is an area in which I feel like I can never grow enough in.  Although my students tend to respond well and in a respectful, polite manner, I would love to learn how to manage my classroom even better.

I see our vision, mission and values intertwined with the 7 C’s. All the more reason to get excited about the fact that our school chose THIS model to take onboard.


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