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I feel quite comfortable with the concepts of blended learning and flipped classrooms. During the period of online learning last year, I naturally fell into a flipped classroom model, and I am comfortable experimenting with new technologies and trying to blend them into my activities. I am excited to take some of what I learned during that time and incorporating it into my physical classroom, for example in stations, as we observed in one of the videos from this module.

I am very used to setting clear learning objectives and incorporating the personal elements of Care into my lessons. I also feel comfortable giving feedback, although I know we will need to coach students on staying on top of their notifications and acting on the feedback they receive.

Where I know I will feel challenged is in creating detailed plans for an entire 8-day cycle. I tend to plan day by day, and I often alter lesson plans after having thought them out due to assessment data I gathered or questions students posed. In fact, I feel like the requirement to post all of our activities, due dates, etc. for each 8-day cycle is somewhat at odds with the spirit of formative assessments and tailoring our lessons to students’ needs. I know I can probably go back in and update that information, but will that end up being more confusing for students if I’m constantly changing those important reference items? I imagine some folks in the OOL might be able to help with this.

I also wonder about the requirement to have assignments due on day 7 or 8, depending on the meeting days of the class. Does this mean we are not allowed to have assignments due on other days? If so, this seems like a somewhat arbitrary parameter. It seems artificial and unrealistic that the end of the cycle would always magically match up with when we are wrapping up a topic and assessing it. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding this requirement.

Overall, I welcome the organization, and I think it will be beneficial to students.

After getting my students’ feed back and now Fred’s latest visit to my classroom, I am indeed going to focus on Consolidate as a growth area.  As I mentioned to Fred in our meeting, I often do check-ins where students rate themselves on how far they got in an assignment or how comfortable they are feeling with the material, but I think they and I could benefit from some more concrete check-ins – I’ll try getting back to exit tickets, short formatives and more pointed wrap-up questions to help plan subsequent lessons.


Got the results – some surprises, some not.  I often think that the major “thinking” on education don’t apply to World Language teaching. For example: “My teacher makes us explain our answers – why we think what we think.” This is the opposite of what we are meant to do in WL teaching – we want kids to use, not explain why or over dissect the language, so in a way a negative response is a positive????

I wonder if I should have chosen a bigger class for a larger sample size, but it seems the kids would suggest I focus on “consolidate” more than “challenge”.  Maybe I should tweak my goals.

I had a lot of light green, which I guess is positive.  Now I’m wondering if I should scrap all my ideas and do “care” – I would like to do a better job at showing kids I am there for them!

I need to ponder…

Goal Setting

Took the survey – I guess it’s just for my own reflection.  Results were mostly not surprising, but maybe a little.  Did alright in Care, better in Confer, Captivate & Classroom Management, less so in Clarify, Consolidate & Challenge.  Of those lower three, chose the first and last as my goal foci.

Clarify – I expect students to self-monitor their own progress & needs, but I think I need to provide them more support & strategies to do so.  Currently I see only some students know how to or actively attempt to do this.

Challenge – While I do genuinely try to bring all students into the activities & content, I don’t always persist with students who tend to disengage.  I would like to have more perseverance in helping students to have more perseverance.

Have some ideas but will definitely need some support – Fred is my man.

Should be good, but a lot on the plate at the moment.  Maybe after BTSN & trips are over…




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