SLOLC Day 17: The Rain That Falls

Pitter, Patter

Each drop a bit of happiness

Wet, cleansing,





Ever changing, never the same

So many memories wrapped up in each drop

Hikes in the woods

Summits claimed

Benches for quiet reflection

The waves rush in

My old friend saw me through it all

Pitter, Patter






  1. Megan McCormick

    Ooo I loved your gentle onomatopoeia!! So effective and calming. This was a wonderful poem and made me long for rain in my hometown as well.

  2. Natasha

    I love all the descriptive words you use to evoke the rain and this line: “So many memories wrapped up in each drop”

  3. amyilene

    Beautifully written….the rhythm and word choice worked so nicely to create this piece.

  4. Kristi Lonheim

    Each drop a bit of happiness to a NW girl’s soul. This resonates with me. We get so little of it here. At the first few drops it has my full attention, knowing that a few seconds of spitting is probably all we will get. I hadn’t stopped to think of memories with a canvas of rain. Thank you for the inspiration – and the smile.

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