Day 24 SLOLC: My Fav Purple Cords

The 1980s came and went and I can honestly say, the fashions of the time did not appeal to me greatly. I had the jelly bracelets, the scrunchies, and the T-shit holders….splatter painted everything, and neon-always neon. Early 80s to late 80s were the beginning and end to several fashion crazes. I entered into the 80s as a little girl and left as an angsty teenager, ready for all things grunge. But, it is the early 80s that come to mind for me now. A time of Gunne Sax dresses and my favorite pair of purple cords.

My purple cords were a daily wear. The were mulberry in color-a bit of a cross between a purple and a red. The cords were a tight, small pattern and they were soft…oh so soft. I typically didn’t like anything without elastic, but these somehow seemed to lay on my high hips with just the right amount of pressure. I called them my knickers (not to be confused with British knickers). They fell in a loose cuff just below the knee and had a band that connected with a sewn on brass button.

I don’t remember what happened to my purple knickers, but I still feel as sense of longing and loss that they are no longer with me.

**Not mine, but they looked so similar to these


  1. Anonymous

    I commiserate with you long lost clothes as well.

  2. Kristi Lonheim

    The jelly bracelets! And ESPRIT, I always coveted ESPRIT.

  3. Suzanne

    This is wonderful! Your homage to all things 80’s, especially those purple-ish cords reminds me of the book, Ready Player One. It was also a movie. Talk about homage to the 80’s!

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