Day 25 SLOLC: Sweet Relief

I never thought I needed one until I sat in my friend’s. Instantly the pain in my hips subsided and I felt as if I could melt into the buttery leather upholstery. A co-worker calls it an old lady chair. I call it sweet relief.

My ayi messaged me saying a HUGE box was sitting outside my apartment door. It was so big, it couldn’t fit into the door at all. I raced home knowing that after a month of waiting, it was finally here. When I told my husband I thought I needed my own reading chair due to my increasing back and hip pain, he thought it was a great idea but…”maybe make sure it isn’t massive. Also, do you think you need it now? Where are you going to put it?” I assured him that I had everything under control as I was already picking out the color and pushing pay on my phone.

“Ma’am, do you realize the color you selected is orange?” I hadn’t. I thought I ordered a nice camel brown color. Something that wasn’t as glaring or intense as black, but also not a pile of brown in the corner. Hmmmm…I had never thought of buying an orange chair. The idea kind of made me think of how cool it would be if I were 13, but then there’d be no need for such a chair at all. At that age, I could still sit criss cross and lounge on the floor for hours at a time. Unsure of how I felt about it, I responded with a thumbs up.

The weeks that followed, I second guessed my choice. Would it look cheap or stick out like a sore thumb? Was I being silly and needed to cancel? But things got busy and I forgot to even think about changing the color or cancelling the order.

Getting off the elevator, my mouth dropped in shock. The box was MASSIVE! There was no way I was getting that thing into my apartment. I began tearing away at the wooden boards that had been placed around the box. My door was open to provide additional room to unpack. After a long time and several hammer hits, everything was finally revealed….lots and lots and lots of bubble wrap around an indiscriminate shape. There she was!

After an even longer time of cutting away the bubble wrap, the orange chair was finally revealed. And….she was PERFECT! I drug her into what would soon become my new reading corner and threatened all living beings in my house to STAY AWAY. I must admit I’m anxious to get home, put my feet up, and get lost in my next read in my gorgeous orange chair.


  1. Julieanne

    I love this. You had me going all the way through. I was worried you might not be able to get it inside. Congratulations on you new reading and relaxing chair!

  2. Lakshmi Bhat

    I am so glad that the chair is perfect. Hope your back and hip pain will subside.

  3. Kristi Lonheim

    You realize that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I so thought we were going to get a picture at the end of this sage. Perhaps even a few: huge box, process of unwrapping, ta-da in place. I may have to go sit in my ‘mommy chair’, put my feet up, and be distracted from my disappointment with a book.

  4. Suzanne

    I love the doubt you went through, so true, that old buyer’s remorse. You were very brave to stick with the orange, there was probably a sublime reason you chose it in the first place. I’m glad it all worked out and it is a perfect fit!

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